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Transcript 2014-08-06

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[20:03:35] <Elsen_> Roll Call:
[20:03:37] <Elsen_> Craig P
[20:03:39] <Elsen_> Pat McD
[20:03:41] <Elsen_> Rob Hunt
[20:03:42] <Elsen_> Lionel
[20:03:44] <Elsen_> Vicki
[20:03:46] <Elsen_> Gareth
[20:03:50] <Elsen_> Adam C
[20:03:52] <Elsen_> James F
[20:03:56] <Elsen_> Rob M
[20:03:59] <Elsen_> Kate
[20:04:01] <Elsen_> Michael E
[20:04:05] <Elsen_> Daniel S
[20:04:07] <Elsen_> Toby J
[20:04:10] <Elsen_> Dominic
[20:04:12] <Elsen_> Matt L
[20:05:35] <Elsen86> Actions & Events
[20:06:03] <Elsen86> DM: In Sept, after EMF, Pecha Kucha talk here 4-6 with social aftewards. reason is it's to do with the creative quarter
[20:06:20] <Elsen86> point of the event is to network with the creative quarter. aimed at engaging with the local creative quarter construct.
[20:06:54] <Elsen86> DM will be doing a talk at the next pecha kucha on 15th august - 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide about the hackspace movement. there's a bbq and beer afterwards. its at the contemporary art theatre
[20:07:28] <Elsen86> Let the minutes show Michael E officially doesn't know what day it is
[20:07:33] <Elsen86> Any other annoucements/events?
[20:07:55] <Elsen86> KB: Barbot fundraising party on the 16th - funky cocktails, snacks and cakes including Pimms flavoured cupcakes.
[20:08:07] <Elsen86> ME: makes a bad joke
[20:08:15] <Elsen86> Mouse: please invite friends, family, etc etc.
[20:08:30] Elsen_ (4f4dbc8b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left IRC. (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[20:08:39] <Elsen86> DM: we should have had a hackspace open day last saturday, so how about making the barbot party the official open day for this quarter?
[20:08:44] <Elsen86> General Agreement.
[20:09:11] <Elsen86> on the 17th, Sunday, there's an Instructables LED day
[20:09:35] <Elsen86> DM: I entered us into the SUGRU instructables event as well
[20:09:44] <Elsen86> DM: can we join them together?
[20:09:49] <Elsen86> general consensus yes
[20:10:10] <Elsen86> DM: idea of this is that you will create and photograph and DO something with the materials and combine it by creating an instructable from it
[20:10:48] <Elsen86> DM: Sugru is a silicon rubber that cures in air
[20:10:59] <Elsen86> KB: to join the two together, then talk to Jake
[20:11:18] <Elsen86> EMF is happening at the end of August
[20:11:26] <Elsen86> any questions about EMF?
[20:11:52] <Elsen86> VW: what do we do if we want to go down and help set up?
[20:12:20] <Elsen86> DM: villages can set up on Thursday, ask ML
[20:12:25] <Elsen86> ML: what? i wasn't listening to anyone
[20:12:40] <Elsen86> Mouse: if you want to help set up/have a van to set up, you just need to contact the site team and let them know, thats fine
[20:12:52] <Elsen86> DM: Minutes - anyone got any objections or queries?
[20:13:01] <Elsen86> Minutes are agreed.
[20:13:13] <Elsen86> Action List
[20:13:24] <Elsen86> DM: Safety rep - so far from working this out as a board, it will continue to be a rolling item
[20:14:02] <Elsen86> Actions complete: Pecha Kucha, talk talk bill.
[20:14:07] <Elsen86> Cordless drill has definitely GONE.
[20:14:25] <Elsen86> Action? Close it because it's missing.
[20:15:06] <Elsen86> DC: i have created a whiteboard about missing tools, along with the small bansaw/table saw that were broken and not announced anywhere - used as an example for reminding people to email the tools email address if things are gone
[20:15:15] <Elsen86> srw: are we replacing the cordless drill?
[20:15:32] <Elsen86> DC: it has been discussed.
[20:16:06] <Elsen86> DM: short story is, yes a drill has gone. yes its a popular tool, yes its been replaced. but strategically it would be good to have a set of matching drils and batteries rather than a selection of shite ones that don't match
[20:16:10] <Elsen86> (srw artistic license)
[20:16:26] <Elsen86> DM: yes. it will get replaced. but we will ideally replace it en masse as a matching system.
[20:16:35] <Elsen86> Mouse: replacing them imminently would be good
[20:16:51] <Elsen86> dm: replace action, there will be either new drills or an update next meeting
[20:16:55] <Elsen86> Website: GH
[20:18:59] <Elsen86> GH: ideally website will be responsive to mobile etc, improve searchability, making sure pages have named urls. GH been working on a theme he's put together. GH is willing to send a URL around (DM: put it in the minutes). That theme is ready, and test content is in there at the moment. We have been discussing rewriting elements of the website
[20:19:16] <Elsen86> trying to focus it in the direction of making it easy for people to learn about the hackspace. at the moment it isn't doing that.
[20:19:36] <Elsen86> one of the things we'd like to do is work with people to develop content around the work people are doing
[20:20:15] <Elsen86> Would be good to have a more dynamic system of articles about actual hack projects. good as we go forward is to maybe set up a couple of meetings to get peoples stuff together
[20:21:12] <Elsen86> DM: will there be a data cleanse?
[20:21:33] <Elsen86> GH: content will be up to date. Old data may be archived and flagged as such to ensure it's obvious.
[20:21:43] <Elsen86> GH: a transfer over to a live server will happen after EMF.
[20:22:16] <Elsen86> GH: we will try and have sessions where people can get together and write for the website
[20:23:04] <Elsen86> GH: 3 things need doing. 1) getting content from old website to new, and up to date. 2) making project pages and events 3) not sure yet.
[20:23:44] <Elsen86> AC: can project pages be submitted and edited by the project owners?
[20:24:02] <Elsen86> PMD: comment - saw jake and michelle doing the video/photo of the space. looked great so that might look great
[20:24:12] <Elsen86> DM: finance update
[20:24:20] <Elsen86> *surprise that matt lloyd is ready*
[20:24:30] <Elsen86> ML: financial update inc.
[20:24:35] <LWK> Quick summary[edit]
[20:24:35] <LWK> Start bank balance: £6166.54
[20:24:35] <LWK> Out: £2,225.54
[20:24:35] <LWK> In: £3,142.06
[20:24:35] <LWK> End: £7,083.02
[20:24:35] <LWK> Charge cards balance: £600??
[20:24:35] <LWK> Paypal Start: £5.58
[20:24:35] <LWK> Paypal End: £5.58
[20:24:35] <LWK> Cash Start balance: £?
[20:24:35] <LWK> Cash In: £
[20:24:35] <LWK> Cash Out: £
[20:24:35] <LWK> Cash End: £?
[20:24:35] <LWK> Members[edit]
[20:24:35] <LWK> Start: 259
[20:24:35] <LWK> New: ??
[20:24:35] <LWK> Ex: ?
[20:24:35] <LWK> End: ??
[20:24:35] <LWK> In/out Breakdown[edit]
[20:24:35] <LWK> Outgoings[edit]
[20:24:35] <LWK> BizSpace: £ 1,418.84
[20:24:35] <LWK> Talk talk: £ 31.2
[20:24:35] <LWK> Insurance: £66.52
[20:24:35] <LWK> Other: £708.98
[20:24:35] <LWK> Income[edit]
[20:24:35] <LWK> Membership dues: £2468.11~
[20:24:35] <LWK> Petty Cash Deposits: £251
[20:24:35] <LWK> Workshops: £147.95
[20:24:35] <LWK> Donations: £
[20:24:35] <LWK> Events: £
[20:24:35] <LWK> Pledges: £275~
[20:27:44] <Elsen86> Tools Team Update: Little action this month. Small acquisition of dust control for the workshop. Drill bit sharpening jig, replacement mouse sander (Mouse: I wore out the old one)
[20:27:54] <Elsen86> Roll Call change: KB departed, AA joined
[20:28:02] <Elsen86> Tools: PLEASE EMAIL US
[20:28:12] <Elsen86> Craft & Textile Team: No upDATE
[20:29:26] <Elsen86> JF: note on rotary tool - has it been ordered?
[20:29:36] <Elsen86> DM: needs to be James H. Ask him.
[20:30:15] <Elsen86> Resources team: Lionel - not had many requests come in, have gone through all the requests and we will be actioning on those that are feasible/sensible. You can email us, as well as make use of the wiki where you can see what has been purchased, and when.
[20:30:25] <Elsen86> Mouse: what *Exactly* is the process for requesting consumables?
[20:30:55] <Elsen86> Lionel: the real preferred method is the form, because it asks you what, where, how many, what size. failing that, an email will find us and if we want more information we will get back to you.
[20:31:20] <Elsen86> SRW: Can the whiteboard be marked as not viable for requesting?
[20:31:28] <Elsen86> DC: whiteboard is essential for keeping notes etc.
[20:31:41] <Elsen86> DM: it's useful for keeping notes about anything. Hopefully someone will spot it
[20:32:20] <Elsen86> RM: where is the form?
[20:32:26] <Elsen86> It's on the wiki.
[20:33:10] <Elsen86> Comms Team: GH - newsletter went out on the 1dt. there are 590 people signed up to it now. getting a lot of clickthroughs to the articles which is good.
[20:33:28] <Elsen86> Software team: DS: done nothing useful.
[20:34:20] <Elsen86> Membership Team update: nobody available frmo team: DM - 287 members signed up on HMS. Sign up rte is very high, at least 3 or 4 every week and more queries than ever across the board.
[20:34:35] <Elsen86> dm: SRW is now on the membership team and can now do RFID cards etc.
[20:35:26] <Elsen86> RM: the guys from the Mixed Reality lab who used the laser cutter - they love the hackspace and would like to support the space. they were wondering how best to do that. RM said become a member and pay. Is that the best way to do it?
[20:35:39] WPyro (~wpyro@ left IRC. (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:36:35] <Elsen86> General consensus from the board - becoming members yes, is probably the best way to do it. using the space and interacting with it is great.
[20:36:40] WPyro (~wpyro@ joined the channel.
[20:37:06] <Elsen86> DC: could we go and visit them?
[20:37:25] <Elsen86> RM: i will ask and do that. action: RM to follow up on a tour
[20:37:40] <Elsen86> Safety Team: no update other than number of false alarms on lone worker system on Saturday.
[20:37:58] <Elsen86> Mouse called and let DM know it was just being a bit shit.
[20:38:40] <Elsen86> DM: as a reminder: please be safe!
[20:40:45] <Elsen86> Wiki: RH/SRW - we will be starting on the workshop with the large tools on creating a better system for finding systems and finding tools and generally being awesome
[20:40:52] <Elsen86> MCD: i'll update the 3d printer page
[20:41:04] <Elsen86> RH: how should we go about getting rid of old content?
[20:41:14] <Elsen86> DM: wiki team, you can do so. if you want to delete it, you can delete it
[20:41:53] <Elsen86> General Thoughts: Mark things as obsolete
[20:42:55] <Elsen86> AOB: JF - there was someone on the group asking about membership, Andy something - he wants to bring a group of adults with learning disabilities to the space to run workshops. The trustees have invited him in for a chat about what he'd like to do etc etc.
[20:44:08] Chris3DSmith (~quassel@ joined the channel.
[20:44:15] <Elsen86> AOB - DC: rather than leaving it another month, can I get some ideas about how we should move on the battery drills. there were some better ones available at screwfix. costing £95 for a drill with a charger and 3 batteries. this seems like a good bundle.
[20:44:20] <Elsen86> DM: does anyone have a strong opinion?
[20:44:44] <Elsen86> DC: so, at £95 a bundle, would we be thinking of getting 1, 2 or 3?
[20:44:56] <Elsen86> ME: do they have the same batteries as the current?
[20:45:03] <Elsen86> DC: no
[20:45:15] <Elsen86> PCD: Is it feasible to replace the cells on the old batteries to recondition them?
[20:45:20] <Elsen86> DC: not cost effective
[20:45:37] <Elsen86> AC: just buy 3 new drills.
[20:45:48] <Elsen86> DC: so sub £300 to get 3 new drills that are far better
[20:46:19] <Elsen86> DM: we have a sufficiently large number of members to agree to: scrap current 3 and batteries and buying 4, 5 or 6 drills of a type, decent quality and to also budget to replace the batteries biannually etc
[20:46:59] <Elsen86> SRW: just get new drills.
[20:47:05] <Elsen86> MCD: a thank you to the drills.
[20:47:25] <Elsen86> AA: can it go on the mailing list because its a fair chunk of money? - DM - yes, action you to put on Mailing list.
[20:47:48] <Elsen86> Mouse: start thinking at looking a little bigger at even BETTER quality
[20:49:22] <Elsen86> DM: its nowhere near as much money on bigger tools that we spend huge amounts of money on. these are hand drills and are used on a LOT of projects and should therefore be spent well on
[20:50:18] <Elsen86> Debate to be finished on mailing list and drills purchased before next meeting
[20:51:11] <Elsen86> AOB: PMD: provisionally, got an outside instructor for giving inductions on the Myford Lathe (the manual, not the cnc/bridgport) - he has said he wanted to see the kit etc beforehand. But it's a possibility.
[20:52:19] <Elsen86> Action: PMD - Action to post on mailing list about this
[20:53:34] <Elsen86> AOB: Mouse - 1stly would like to propose we buy some fans for the space and it's difficult toget airflow through the space. DM: please ask on mailing list first. Mouse: 2nd, sorry that at the moment barbot is on the cutting table. i'm sorry that it's there at the moment but I can dismantle if I have to. Craig: whats the plan after emf? Mouse: No idea. Also related to barbot, the van that has been mentioned (cont)
[20:54:45] <Elsen86> I have figures now - does this want to be discussed now? DM: it was recently raised on the mailing list that it was a dubious usage of expenditure. However the real issue is *what is the right route to have ependiture in the hackspace.* there are currently 3 methods. 1) scope for teams where they have an agreed scope where they must report to the meeting
[20:55:08] <Elsen86> 2) is that more than 50% of the trustees/directors agree the expenditure within those 7 people (so no 1 trustee can agre. It must be 4 of more)
[20:55:30] <Elsen86> 3) that a member makes a proposal at this meeting and this becomes agreed, and then ratified after the meeting. and then the trustees also agree to take the money out of the bank to do it.
[20:56:03] <Elsen86> so - THE QUESTION OF THE VAN - this DID take place through action THREE.
[20:56:21] <Elsen86> It WAS raised in a proper manner, and perhaps the process wasn't clear enough, but Mouse did no issues or wrong in his proposal.
[20:56:34] <Elsen86> DM: does anyone have any discussion about this or dissent or issues?
[20:57:57] <Elsen86> PMD: BarBot - do people see it as what it does? it makes alcohol. or rather it mixes alcohol. it doesn't have to be alcoholic drinks that it serves, and its a concept and a display. It is a ambassador project for the space.
[20:58:22] <Elsen86> DM: the question is - is there ANY disagreement on whether or not the process wasn't followed?
[20:59:17] <Elsen86> JF: a dissenting opinion is that it CAN be seen as a holiday etc, please see the mailing list.
[21:01:11] <Elsen86> Mouse: I was actually trying to raise: the costs. We're taking HackSpace infrastructure stuff for the village. options are: Short Wheel based - £185, Long Wheel based - £220. This is based on a weekly rental. Other quotes for a long wheel based, £262, £287.
[21:02:30] awambawamb (~quassel@ left IRC. (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:02:57] <Elsen86> DM: vote - please vote for long wheel? 14 for. 2 abstain. Motion passed.
[21:03:29] <Elsen86> AOB: Craig - sizeable donation by a friend. Please do dig your way through if there's anything there you'd like. very cautious it could be getting in peoples way so i'd rather it got got rid of quite quickly.
[21:03:40] <Elsen86> DM: you did the right thing in listing it. thank you.
[21:06:41] <Elsen86> AOB: SRW - LPS - we would like to start a process where there is a 4 month tag on large projects. if a project has not been worked on in 4 months, the member will be emailed once. 4 weeks after this time, if the project has still not been worked on or touched, it will be removed to donations and be available for rehacking.
[21:07:12] <Elsen86> DM: less than 5% of the hackspace membership can use the LPS right now.
[21:07:25] <Elsen86> DM: it's resulting in a small amount of the membership being able to use the space.
[21:07:46] <Elsen86> PMD: suggest that 32 days as a minimum between email and removal to donations area.
[21:09:37] <Elsen86> DM: Please note as well - the onus is ON the member. if something has to be removed because it's not been worked on for 16 weeks + 32 days, it will be still ON the member - the volunteer who removes the content is NOT at fault.
[21:10:04] <Elsen86> DM: remember there is a rule that you get 35l of storage. Put things in your members box!
[21:11:30] <Elsen86> VW: who moves things? what happens if someone needs space?
[21:11:44] <Elsen86> DM: this is difficult. approach the member if you can do, if you feel comfortable doing etc etc.
[21:14:16] <Elsen86> DM: as a note - ALL projects must have a NAME (identifiable), DATE and DO NOT HACK (not "PDNH") on it. It MUST be stored in the correct place.