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I am a theoretical physicist working on Cosmology. But I am not ashamed!

A few years ago I discovered I can do some practical things too. Like soldering. Or building robots. Printerbots and other things 3D printing.

Then I joined the hackspace. What a wonderful place and what a great and varied community we have here in Notts.

Much of my spare time I enjoy building RepRaps and other related machines, like little plotters or filament extruders. I also like using these machines, mostly to 3D print beautiful things or to make experimental 3D printing filament. Sometimes I play with resins too.

I am a proud member of the 3D printing and the Hackspace2.5 teams. I am also one of the inductors for our 3D printer.

Projects To Do (looking for hackers to work with)

  • 3D resin printer (probably DLP) for Hackspace 2.5: See relevant google group post and this survey. Seems people are most interested in hacking a LiitleRP-type machine (also see completed projects below) to increase the build area.
  • Compounder: To properly experiment with making 3D printing filament with various powders (metals, stone, etc) you need a 2-stage procedure: first use a compounder to mix materials and make pellets, then use extruder to make filament. I've played enough with the second stage (see completed projects below) and have produced great PLA filaments, but only decent powdery PLA filaments. For the latter we need a twin-screw compounder. Please contact me if you want to play with this project.

Projects Completed

  • My first RepRap, a Prusa Mendel i2 named Soliton (built Nov 2013)

  • A 3D printing filament extruder (built May 2015) [It is a Filastruder, designed by Tim Elmore]

  • A mutant Prusa Mendel i2 (named Instanton, built August 2015) that works as a multi-material 3D printer, single material 3D printer, plotter (and laser cutter to be)

  • A DLP 3D printer (built August 2016) [It is a LittleRP, designed by Brad Hill]