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I'm Aithne in real life, I joined HackSpace in February 2014, I go by MxAithne or WanderingPyro (shortened to WPyro) on the internet. I have a chronic medical condition that means I'm a wheelchair user some of the time, so sometimes you'll see me on my wheelchair other times you'll see me walking. I tend to be a girl with lots of ideas, but not the time or patience to see them though to the end. I have a blog / website about myself and what I'm up to at the moment - link.


  • Home / Building Automation and Control

Useful Skill

  • Electronics & Soldering
  • Woodwork & Carpentry
  • Wheelchair Maintenance (it's kinda like a bike)
  • Metal Work (and some Forging)
  • Welding - Oxy & Mig
  • CNC Lathes and Mills

Things to learn

  • Hand Turning Metal
  • Raspberry Pi Hardware Interfacing


I've tried and failed to keep an up to date list of active projects on here, so it's better to just look at my project pages on my website, as I keep them more up to date. There are some interesting completed projects that I have done though:

  • Conversion of LDV Pilot van to camper-van (2004) - Sadly this camper only lived for about 8 months before the sump seal blew and the engine seized up, it was not cost effective to replace the engine, leading to me starting again with a bigger van.
  • Conversion of LDV Convoy can to camper-van (2005)
    - This was my first proper home, I kind of lived in the LDV Pilot but it was too small to manage properly, I lived properly in the Convoy for two years before I decided that I really needed more space.
  • Conversion of Merc 709 D Dormabile Bus to camper-van (2007) - I lived in this bus for nearly five years, finally had to sell it when I decided to move in with my boyfriend in 2011.

These are all the project that spring to mind at the moment.