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#Enter the command: ''sudo pacman -Syyu''
#Enter the command: ''sudo pacman -Syyu''
#Enter password and follow prompts
#Enter password and follow prompts

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WOPR is a general purpose desktop computer set up in the blue room. At time of writing its operating system is Manjaro Linux, which is an Arch Linux derivative.

User Configuration

The default user login details are written on a sticky posted to the monitor. The machine will auto-login upon boot.


  • Office / Productivity apps
  • Graphics editing with GIMP, Inkscape, Krita
  • CAD (KiCAD, FreeCAD, QCad, Blender, Inkscape are all installed)
  • Playing Artemis
  • Playing Defender (emulated hardware with MAME)
  • Printing stuff
  • Web browsing (Firefox, Chromium, TOR bundle are all installed)

Configured For

Software Updates

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Enter the command: sudo pacman -Syyu
  3. Enter password and follow prompts