Wood Lathe Pledge

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Pledge drive for the new Wood Lathe. If you have forgotten your HMS password or are not a member but would like to pledge please post in this thread on the Nottinghack Google Group and someone will update this page.

Wood Lathe

We will be aiming to purchase a £400 Wood Lathe as referenced in the above Google Groups thread. The advantages are:


Pledge Rewards

These rewards are offered for those people pledging:


Stretch Goals

There are of course plenty of additional stretch goals that can be obtained to improve what we buy! Pledge as much as you can so these can be reached; the costs may be added later.


List of pledges

Please post on [1] if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this. Initial date of review of the state of pledges is the 31st May 2014.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid Payment confirmed
Michael Erskine £40 Yes XFR LATHEME Yes
Toby Jackson £30 No N/A No
Rave (Kai) £20 Yes Bank Xfer LatheKP Yes
Dominic Morrow £20 Yes BACS LATHEDM Yes
Sophie & Adam £30 Yes Bank Transfer ref: LatheAC-SRW Yes
James Fowkes £40 Yes 18/06/14 Bank Transfer ref : LatheJF Yes
Michelle £40 Yes 17/06/14 Bank Transfer: LatheMS Yes
James Hayward £20 No N/A No
Derek Stonall £10 Yes Bank Transfer Yes
Ian Dickinson £20 Yes 10/6/14 Fast transfer ref: LatheID Yes
Lionel Goodwin £20 Yes 11 Jun 2014 bank transfer Yes
Nottinghack £150 Yes N/A Yes
Christopher Parsons £10 Yes 10/06/14 BACS ref: LatheCP Yes