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"Collaborators wanted for Cocktail Making Robot", 2014-03-24, Mouse

Hello hackers, I want to make a cocktail-making robot.  I went to an
event called BarBot last year which had a bunch of them, so I've seen
a few designs which work.   I'd like a couple of serious collaborators
who are prepared to:

1. Share cost of parts
2. Help design and make the robot
3. Help design and code software for controlling it (if any - depends on design)
4. Help test a bunch of possibly random drinks.
5. Clean up afterwards

I'd love to have something we can take to EM Fields.

Meet with me on Wednesday evening in the Kitchen.  I'll show some pics
of robots from BarBot and say what basic designs I'm aware of and we
can chew it over.

Who's with me?!