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Drafted by David Hayward in response to actions given at 2012 board meetings. This is not ratified at the moment.

Sometimes, an opportunity arises for a board member to get something the space needs. Usually, board members text or phone other board members to get a quorate vote in favour of expenditure, but in some cases there isn't time. So:

Draft hackspace board expenses policy:

  • Limit. £50? £30?
  • Only pertains to items for the hackspace.
  • Special cases only.
  • Board members should not expect to be repaid quickly. Making impulse buys puts you last in line to be repaid, and if cashflow is too tight, you have to wait as long as it takes.
  • Being able to buy things for £[LIMIT] Not a default position. When time and circumstance allow, which they almost always do, you should email or call other board members to get approval.
  • James: Board members can't club together and spend extra money by combining their limits.
  • Can't do it more than once in a month.

Good example: A wood lathe was going for £40 at auction. It's a good tool at a low price, and one that many members had expressed an interest in having.

Bad examples: "I happened to be in Homebase, and I picked up a dozen extension leads and some two-by-fours because I thought the space would need them one day".

"A man offered me some speakers from a van in the street".etc. Expenditure should be planned and voted on wherever possible. Even if there is a limited opportunity, you should try to contact the rest of the board. Sometimes, other board members are aware of implications you may not be.