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This is a page for me to learn how to use the Wiki. I'm starting from scratch and would welcome input from others (its a community/social program after all!) I normally work by myself, originating, designing, purchasing, manufacturing, installing, testing and commissioning. However, in Hackspace, other people are involved. I may never meet some, but they can be affected by my actions. By using the Wiki, I should be able to inform and communicate with any interested persons.

Create the page

James showed me how:- If you create something like "", and add Category:Projects (enclosed in 2 sets of square brackets) at the bottom, it should show up on the projects page

Adding files

How do I get pictures in? A picture can save a thousand words and I expect to insert a few in each page. Methods tried so far:-

This is a 'Dropbox' link that can be opened in a new window.

Copy (from my computer) & paste doesn't work.

I can't see how to add/append a file. I can pull the examples in, but where from? How do I control the way pics are displayed/limited/expanded?

The files point to, but there is no info on how to load to this.

I see some media files below the Projects page. Is this where pics go?

I have found the Mediawiki help files!!

From the left menu, Tools/Upload files, then browse to file. This pulls the file into a new page. 2 Square open brackets followed by file name (Cut & Paste), then format & titling, then 2 square close brackets.

See for info. For this file below, between brackets the text is:- File:CIMG3606.JPG|thumb|center|girders in the rain

girders in the rain


Sorting information is next. Tables are useful for grouping & relating items. However they can be awkward to use (see Wiki).

Question Answer Response
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

Simple paragraphs can also do the job.

Adding pages

Is it possible to add another page (like the discussion tab) for things like surveys/bikeshedding?

For example, ideas on the space downstairs could have tabs for Blue room & co, Mechanical/engineering, 3d & stores. Anyone with an idea or point of interest hits the relevant tab and adds it. Links could work, but I think they could be accessed directly without the preamble/aims/instructions in the first page (e.g. here).

I have created this link to 'go fishing'

blue room test

Anyone searching for - blue room - could end up on that page and not understand its purpose.