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[20:01] <Andrew____> Meeting minutes for 3rd December 2014
[20:01] <Andrew____> Meeting minutes for 3rd December 2014
[20:02] <Andrew____> Not started yet but naming people
[20:02] <Andrew____> Not started yet but naming people

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[20:01] <Andrew____> Meeting minutes for 3rd December 2014
[20:02] <Andrew____> Not started yet but naming people
[20:03] <Andrew____> Roll call
[20:03] <Andrew____> Rob Hunt
[20:03] <Andrew____> Michael Erskin
[20:03] <Andrew____> Michel
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[20:03] <Andrew____> Daniel
[20:03] <Andrew____> James H
[20:03] <Andrew____> Mouse Gates
[20:03] <Andrew____> Andrew Armstrong
[20:03] <Andrew____> David C
[20:03] <Andrew____> Lionel
[20:04] <Andrew____> Russell H
[20:04] <Andrew____> Andrew Martin
[20:04] <Andrew____> Apologies from Gareth
[20:04] <Andrew____> Matt Lloyd Master of Money
[20:04] <Andrew____> ---- Events ----
[20:05] <Andrew____> Festivus 20th of December at Nottinghack
[20:05] <Andrew____> Traditional Festivus faire! Annual Grievances! Ninja! Festivus Pole!
[20:06] <Andrew____> 16th December - surface mount workshop by Matt Little
[20:06] <Andrew____> (Matt Little enters the room, timing!)
[20:07] <Andrew____> Hack the Space day 7th - but power is off for annual inspection in the morning (may be not live at 12, who knows?)
[20:08] <Andrew____> Do we have an organiser or do it another weekend?
[20:08] <Andrew____> James H - suggest pushing a week back week before festivus
[20:09] <Andrew____> 14th of December
[20:09] <Andrew____> Missed the newsletter but can post it on the mailing list
[20:09] <Andrew____> Hack the space day 4th of January - anyone interested in organising something?
[20:10] <Andrew____> James H - suggest flooring to start comfy space area.
[20:10] <Andrew____> David - Post at same time as change hack the space day
[20:11] <Andrew____> James H - may move if date is unavailable (offers to organise it)
[20:11] <Andrew____> Action: James H to post about 14th of December one (but not organise) and the 11th of January one (for flooring)
[20:12] <Andrew____> Action list
[20:12] <Andrew____> Only item is Dominic's on finding a safety officer
[20:12] <Andrew____> Discussed at a recent trustee meeting
[20:13] <Andrew____> Necessary but a not praised job in the space
[20:13] <Andrew____> James H - (responding to query on what it will be from Michael) Going to formalise it. Not going to be accountable in a legal sense but accountable to the trustees.
[20:13] <Andrew____> James H - will likely be up to the person if they need a team or not
[20:14] <Andrew____> Matt L - Not a thanked task. Incentivise people somehow?
[20:15] <Andrew____> James H - Possibly will do so. Trustees have been discussing this in general with regards to teams; maybe a quarterly reward or something. Safety rep maybe needs more - it's harder/thankless.
[20:15] <Andrew____> Michael - Don't incentivise at all, I'll do it!
[20:15] <Andrew____> (Claps all round!)
[20:16] <Andrew____> The finances to follow
[20:16] <LWK> Quick summary[edit]
[20:16] <LWK> Overall balance: £6,737.26
[20:16] <LWK> Overall change: £656.62
[20:16] <LWK> Start bank balance: £4,546.77
[20:16] <LWK> Out: £2,335.19
[20:16] <LWK> In: £3,510.50
[20:16] <LWK> End: £5,722.08
[20:16] <LWK> Charge cards balance: £471.09
[20:16] <LWK> Paypal balance: £5.58
[20:16] <LWK> Cash Start balance: £973.03
[20:16] <LWK> Cash In: £662.1
[20:17] <LWK> Cash Out: £1048.45
[20:17] <LWK> Cash End: £586.68
[20:17] <LWK> Members[edit]
[20:17] <LWK> Start: 297~
[20:17] <LWK> New: ??
[20:17] <LWK> Ex: ?
[20:17] <LWK> End: 297~??
[20:17] <LWK> In/out Breakdown[edit]
[20:17] <LWK> Outgoings[edit]
[20:17] <LWK> BizSpace: £ 2,039.42
[20:17] <LWK> Talk talk: £ 40.2
[20:17] <LWK> Insurance: £66.52
[20:17] <LWK> Other: £2,743.11
[20:17] <LWK> FairFX: £752.46
[20:17] <LWK> Income[edit]
[20:17] <LWK> Membership dues: £2,490.50
[20:17] <LWK> Petty Cash Deposits: £880
[20:17] <LWK> Workshops: £
[20:17] <LWK> Donations: £
[20:17] <LWK> Events: £
[20:17] <LWK> Pledges: £140
[20:20] <LWK> Outgoings[edit]
[20:20] <LWK> BizSpace: £ 1,666.31
[20:20] <LWK> Talk talk: £ 40.93
[20:20] <LWK> Insurance: £66.52
[20:20] <LWK> Other: £538.99
[20:20] <LWK> FairFX: £632.34
[20:21] <Andrew____> Team updates
[20:21] <Andrew____> Craft & Textiles Team Update - no updates
[20:21] <Andrew____> Snackspace - poor restocking (done today though)
[20:21] <Andrew____> Tools - small amount on tool purchases, little anvil, few cutters, few grinding surfacing tools
[20:22] <Andrew____> Resources -
[20:25] <Andrew____> Lots of things brought at Makro; RFID cards are trustees things
[20:26] <Andrew____> Went over budget this month due to the Makro
[20:26] <Andrew____> James H - intention is to stay in monthly budget, need to use the cards in the future
[20:28] <Andrew____> Communications team - Noise complaint email did not come from the communications team. It came from the trustees. Trustees will set it up so they don't have to use the newsletter one.
[20:28] <Andrew____> No other team reports.
[20:28] <Andrew____> Noise complaint
[20:30] <Andrew____> Complaint was from a new tenant who is there during the day. Can be heard right down the side of the building. Heard specifically before 8AM. Bizspace couldn't chase it up since they were not in to hear it. Between dawn and 8AM.
[20:31] <Andrew____> Sign was put up (and scrawled on). Message was sent via. email. Some discussion on the list - none of those people here.
[20:34] <Andrew____> Workshop behaviour
[20:36] <Andrew____> David has noticed a lot more mess, drills being left out, drill bits being left in drills, wood shavings left on the floor, some broken tools (unreported to anyone and no reason for why it is broken), questions on "do not hack" (laptop hard drives going missing, things in workshop are they hackable or not)
[20:37] <Andrew____> Comes down a lot to communication; email tools@nottinghack.org.uk for tool issues for instance, communication of how to get laser cutter inductions, and other things...
[20:38] <Andrew____> David - idea - kiosk computer that can post reports to appropriate people?
[20:38] <Andrew____> Matt L - throwing a high tech solution at a low problem
[20:38] <Andrew____> *low tech problem
[20:39] <Andrew____> Matt L - we're a small part of the members in this room. Hackspace induction package (is from 2011 - Rob) needs updating first
[20:39] <Andrew____> (Matt Little above)
[20:40] <Andrew____> Matt Little - Also no signage perhaps around for things like tools@ for reporting broken tools
[20:40] <Andrew____> Matt Little / Rob / Michael want to help redo it
[20:42] <Andrew____> David - so "do not hack" people ask David all the time about it
[20:42] <Andrew____> Matt Little - London Hackspace has big stickers that *must* be filled in
[20:42] <Andrew____> Michael - Easy to follow rules is best
[20:43] <Andrew____> David - There is, for instance, a tools box with tags - but easily missed
[20:43] <Andrew____> Mouse - Induction leaflet is good idea. Contacts, groups, guides
[20:44] <Andrew____> Mouse - Never got the message so don't know whats in it
[20:44] <Andrew____> Mouse - New member induction days - maybe Hack the Space days - to let people know how the space works
[20:45] <Andrew____> David - how many new members a month roughly?
[20:45] <Andrew____> Matt Lloyd - 10 a month or so
[20:46] <Andrew____> Mouse also volunteered to look at the booklet - so Mouse/Michael/Rob/Matt Little
[20:46] <Andrew____> Matt Little - will bring a rough copy to the next meeting to comment on (or the existing one in a new format to comment on)
[20:48] <Andrew____> Matt Little - on the tidy side - need just to tidy up to show it should be tidy, people are getting lazy/into a habit of seeing mess and leaving mess
[20:48] <Andrew____> James H - Need to run the tuesday cleaning days again
[20:48] <Andrew____> David - Also clearing versus cleaning! Workshop is mainly clearing for instance.
[20:49] <Andrew____> Mouse - Worth resisting a cleaner?
[20:49] <Andrew____> David - already started to make contact with some options
[20:50] <Andrew____> Michael - shadow boards for tools would help too
[20:51] <Andrew____> David - item - expanding the hackspace scope
[20:52] <Andrew____> Matt Little - a group connected with the New Art Exchange noticed the Hyson Green Library is becoming available to rent
[20:52] <Andrew____> Matt Little - The group approached a number of people about a hackspace in that library
[20:53] <Andrew____> Matt Little - They got in contact with Dominic. Had 2 meetings with Kate and David over this.
[20:53] <Andrew____> Matt Little - They need £1 million to pay for renovations. Big lottery/Heritage and Arts Council for funding bids.
[20:54] <Andrew____> Matt Little - One group "Take 1" will take some of the space and rent it. Other half being potentially a hackspace or community hackspace.
[20:54] <Andrew____> Matt Little - No definite, especially note on money. Expression of interest.
[20:57] <Andrew____> James H - had a meeting too. Partner is main angle. Reasonable rent paid by the space. As big as our current space if you go by floor space size. Committee that would run it but be under the trustees here is their preferred option. Sounds really interesting.
[20:57] <Andrew____> James H - multifunction space will also be part of it, perhaps good for workshops
[20:58] <Andrew____> James H - Question is do we in principle agree?
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[20:59] <Andrew____> Mouse - a fundamental change, using external funding (even for capital startup). Need an AGM or EGM to look at it.
[20:59] <Andrew____> James H - why because the funding for capital startup be an issue?
[20:59] <Andrew____> Mouse - fair enough. Putting name on our name on project that might fall through?
[21:00] <Andrew____> James H - we are saying we are willing to run a hackspace in that building
[21:00] <Andrew____> James H - other options; consultancy manner for instance.
[21:00] <Andrew____> Mouse - agree it is interesting
[21:01] <Andrew____> Matt Little - one issue is two physical spaces this size. We're already talking the lack of people power to run this space. Really really needs to be thought about!
[21:01] <Andrew____> Michel - Add slightly to mouse's point, if there is this other hackspace in a different environment - something goes wrong there, say, an accident, liability involved, it might reflect materially on this hackspace.
[21:02] <Andrew____> Michel - point - less quantifiable, new area, compared to this hackspace
[21:02] <Andrew____> James H - two physical spaces, same hackspace
[21:02] <Andrew____> Michael - the question is, can we afford it?
[21:04] <Andrew____> James H - discuss this as a thing as part of the initial discussions (this month). Scaling rent, based on usage, up to £16K a year. Starts lower. Self contained unit, £50,000 to put tools in there.
[21:04] <Andrew____> Mouse - it is a residential area too
[21:04] <Andrew____> James H - can be a better implemented area
[21:04] <Andrew____> James H - not decided and ephemeral but aim for more arty - printers, less heavy industrial tools...
[21:05] <Andrew____> Matt Little - what do we say tonight?
[21:05] <Andrew____> James H - if we are interested in being an initial partner
[21:06] <Andrew____> Michael - a big thing is it doubles the space (even if we have to have double the maintenance)
[21:06] <Andrew____> Mouse - one big space might be better
[21:06] <Andrew____> James - £40-50K for a 500-square foot and outdoor area roughly for a "hackspace 3"
[21:07] <Andrew____> Mouse - so good value for money
[21:07] <Andrew____> James - A funding arrangement for hackspace 3 might be a good route for the future
[21:08] <Andrew____> James - also discussions on transport, etc. etc.
[21:09] <Andrew____> James - Dominic, Russell, James, Open meeting in January as well about this
[21:09] <Andrew____> Voting - 13 votes aye, 0 nay
[21:10] <Andrew____> Andrew Martin - Suggest AGM be in a larger venue to get the people along
[21:11] <Andrew____> James H - we'd love that amount of members (300ish) to an AGM!
[21:11] <Andrew____> James H - AGM is May, and may be another in November
[21:12] <Andrew____> David - one suggested way is to let them get on with it - since they'll be doing a hackspace anyway
[21:12] <Andrew____> David - that might be negative for us anyway, so working together is essential
[21:13] <Andrew____> End of meeting