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I'm a member of Nottinghack!


I have worked on:

  • Various costumes
  • Craft projects
  • Some woodworking
  • Laser stuff

Working on:

I do things like this at the space:

  • Play games
  • Programming
  • Model painting (rarely :) )

Laser Cutter notes

Wiki to do

Some annoying things

  • Fix the editor so undo works (doesn't in plain or rich text modes!)
  • Add a bot to alter the Agenda page to point to the newest agenda each month


Currently: all categories!

  • Content on some categories makes it hard to navigate
  • Things are buried under up to 3 or 4 levels deep, and only ever in one place; try finding the latest agendas (try and guess what sidebar category they are under!)
  • Some are messy, under or overused, or outdated or even simply missing.

Proposal: Keep categories, add centralised pages for easier navigation of the core point of the wiki

  • Pages maybe as below.
  • Idea: Maps of larger areas or even the entire space to aid navigation?
  • Idea: Sidebar more heavily focused on useful links (added "Useful Pages" purely as a stop gap)

Remember that pages can automatically list a categories contents or even subpages of it.

Additional: Missing content

Will need:

  • A fair few templates to make this easier (automatic categories, automatic information)
  • A better layout plan; a hierarchy of types similar to the myriad of categories.
  • Removal or revamp of some unnecessary pages (failed pledges, things we no longer have, random pages with no content).


Wish: To use subpages, which I have used successfully on other wikis to organise content and aid navigation

  • This might be enabled, will test, it basically means that not everything would need a unique top level name; for instance you could have:
    • "Members Meetings/Agenda/2013-04-03" as a page. Navigation to "Agenda" woudl provide information on how they work and a listing of the latest ones, while "Member's Meetings" would detail how they work and link to subpages like "Members Meetings/Action Items".
  • Would not be perfect but might help (and is mostly automatic!)
  • Will need a lot of planning. Also:
    • Does anyone else really care? (ie; does this mean I do it if I think it's cool? what is activity like on the wiki?)
    • Would this help or hinder wiki usage anyway?
    • Is it really necessary?

Nottinghack partially has this kind of organisation anyway; although it is a bit messy.

Likely: Sort cateogries and pages first and see if that improves it enough.