2020-04-01 Transcript

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Members Meeting 1st April 2020

Roll Call

Dominic, Dan S, Andrew W, Bob W, Gareth H, Samathy B, Steve B, Mike H, Russell H, Tom G, Julian B, Andrew A, Ian D

Attendees on Zoom!

Announcements & Events

  • Hackspace is closed except by pre-arrangement for essential work
  • Access can be applied for by emailing Trustees@nottinghack.org.uk
  • When in the space you will be asked to join slack for safety reasons

Events via zoom

  • Gareth has been running the wednesday night session via zoom video conferencing
  • The comics group will also be run through zoom going forward during this period
  • Zoom will provide a valuable social space for our community whilst we can't use the physical building
  • Potential events include:
    • a virtual lunch break at 12-1
    • an arduino code along
    • craft events
  • We're looking for suggestions and ideas. Contact @garethdoodles directly or the form that he posted on slack today.

Jason A & Andrew W's cat join the meeting

Minutes & Actions from last meeting

  • No issues raised
  • Actions regarding the physical space are on hold due to Covid-19

EMF Update

  • EMF is cancelled unfortunately
  • It'll be running again in 2022
  • There will be a cocktail robot event prior to that so work on EMF will continue when normality returns

Team updates


  • A new tube has been fitted!
  • The laser has seen a very small number of users over the last month
  • ^ Including for creating facemasks for the NHS!
  • The laser did ~8785 hours of cutting! Amazing


  • As of 01/04/2020 719 members
  • We are anticipating an attrition over the coming weeks due to the lack of new members coming in
  • We cant know the full impact of members looking at & adjusting their finances due to Covid-19 for a while.
  • Currently we aren't recruiting due to social distancing


The blue bars are showing our flywheel regular income red bars include fluctuating income. i.e. workshops, snackspace, donations we expect this to fall due to covid-19 This graph shows our income plotted against bank balance We have a good sized amount of cash in the bank currently We expect like many organizations we are going to have a period of financial uncertainty over the next 6 months Gareth asks if there is any way we can ask members to preferably reduce their payments rather than end their membership

Note Note: I didn't minute which graph lines up to which comment. Hopefully you can work it out! (Danspencer101 (talk))

Trustee Elections

  • @russellh & @chickengrylls's terms as trustees are ending in may
  • We (the trustees) have decided to continue with the election process as normal
  • We have 4 trustee positions open so need 5 candidates

Meeting Closed