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Members Meeting 1st July 2020

Chair: Samathy

Minutes: Mark

Roll Call


  • Gareth
  • Mark
  • Tom Grover
  • Steve
  • Ian D
  • Mike Haber
  • Bob Wood
  • Dominic Morrow
  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Samathy Barratt
  • Dave S
  • Jack L
  • Jacquic Blakemore
  • Andrew Walters
  • Betty Ching
  • Dan Spencer

Announcements & Events

@Gareth Howell Show & Tell

It was great and went well, thanks to everybody who came along and showed up. On 15th July there will be another, with plans to do this every 3rd Wednesday of each month. It doesn't have to be finished work! Work in progress is fine. Anything that's not physical (say an idea, a website), this is also welcome. This Show & Tell is about sharing what's inspiring you and hopefully others.

@DanS reminds all members that the nominations window for being a Trustee is still open and all Trustees are available to talk, if required.

@Samathy Barratt explains we have soft-launched the access request system. It can be done through HMS, very much like the Laser Cutter. We are currently in Level 1 where all access requests must be authorised by the Trustees.

Team Updates


@bobw has fixed the planer/thinknesser.

The circular saw, over the last 3 months has obviously generated lots of dust. The dust extractor is full to the brim (in fact over) and as the lifts are not working at Bizspace, it is going to be an issue.

There is a question whether the large circular saw should be used at the moment, when you are in the space on your own.

The circular saw has two posters on it, "Check the sawdust/extractor hopper" and "Make sure you read all".

Bob showed an image of the wood chute under the saw blade. It's caked in wood shards and Bob expresses the fact that glowing sawdust could be a fire risk. There was also evidence of plastic (Perspex) shards in the hopper.

Dominic explains that when we allowed access to the space, there was no prep really. However, now that we are getting to the point where members can book themselves in, by necessity, there will be more rules attached to the access to the space.

The Trustees went to the Space last Saturday (socially distanced) and tried to assess the whole space including taking your waste home with you. Certain tools will haveto be removed from use, of which the large circular saw is a candidate of which the Trustees will discuss in a Trustee meeting.

Discussions continued about how to manage the large dust bag. It's still attached and completely full.

It was reconfirmed that the Hackspace will be moving to Level 2, but level 2 is still only one person in the space at a time.

There needs to be conversations and decisions when we are allowing more members in the space. Also, there needs to be decisions of when this should happen.

Bob is quite concerned about the :fire: issue, and Andrew W is happy to clear it up.


@iandickinson gave a membership update

  • 686 (had 720 prior to Lockdown). There may also be members who have reduced their contributions.
  • 33 members in the last month
  • 67 in last quarter

Andrew W and Ian have been working on a tour during this time. Prearranged visits by email

Laser Cutter

Laser cutters have had reduced usage. However the A0 laser is jumping occasionally, and sporadic. Dominc has fitted a new chiller, so hopefully no more over-temperature alarms. Emily reported the jump was X-axis, not Y-axis as it has been before.


@bobw talked about sewing machines. Jodie (Bizspace manager) mentioned after a talk about Phoenix Clothing getting rid of 2 machines, and asked if we are interested. Bob saw them this Monday (photos are on Slack #craft). A neat looking overlocker, and another high end.

We are not sure whether these are better than what we have or not, and need to be assessed. @Betty said she may be able to check them out to make this assessment.

3D Printers

@dave.s 3x Ender 3, each of which has approx 20 hours' usage (nearly new).

The current Ultimaker is limited being a relatively old model, the Ender 3's fetch approx £220 each, and they are being donated. These over the Ultimaker can use all filaments. Having 3 printers will give more scope for experimentation.

Dave would like to do a n "Introduction to 3D Printing Course", this is only really possible where there are printers available. 6 people to 3 printers would make this work well.

Dominic highlights that CNC, Electronics, and 3D Printers all current share the same space. At the moment, it's crucial that good compromises are reached between all of these groups.

Also, all printers should be in a fixed place, perhaps trolleys (not stored under tables).

Dave believes that as they are light and portable, there could be a system where they are not in a fixed place. For instance, they could be relocated to the Classroom, Studio, or the Blue Room. It can also be on and printing something during Wednesday Open Nights.

Gareth reiterated that the use of the Electronic Space and the Blue Room is being discussed. There could be a good opportunity to re-propose the space usage of these two rooms. It hinges on the people who use these rooms for their current purpose and to discuss the future uses of this space.

Dominic expresses concern on tools and items not being stored correctly (under tables is a no no) and encourages better management of current and future tools.

Steve (moop) is keen on these multiple 3D printers for general use / experimentaion.

Dave clarified that the Ender 3s should NOT be a Induction machine, they should be open.

Jymbob stated what was done with the CNC machines was a good halfway-house between full RFID/induction to open use.

Samathy states that the Blue Room and CNC/Electronics Room Teams should talk, but, we should accept these 3D Printers.

Dave will contact Jake (the person who is donating these to us, as he believes we are the "good cause").

Hackspace 3.0

A long email has come from the architect, so some progress has happened, should be able to report more next meeting.

Finance Update

Dominic presented the slides for finances from his computer

Membership payments In May Vs April is a bit down, however there are other months on the graph which are lower than this. This could be because of members' payments rolling on to other months. This echoes what Ian said earlier on in the meeting.

The bank account is pretty healthy, due to the grants we received.

Variable spends (graph, red bar) are usually so variable as some months we don't get the bill and is a double whammy in the following. (Jan/Feb and Apr/May are examples of this)

In the last 6 months, it was only Feb where Expenditure exceeded income.

Mike Haber Whiteboards

His idea is to install some of these in the Classroom, possibly to fill the right wall (as you walk in) with magnetic whiteboards.

To draw and plan things in a very large scale could be advantageous.

Mike is not in a massive rush to get this done, because of Lockdown, but wants to create a Pledge Drive / GoFundMe.

Dominic asks why this is a priority for now?

Mike states it's not necessarily now. Will need the time to install them once they are sought.

Dominic feels it needs more of a proposal, "look shiny, do you want shiny" and get excited about them [like the 3D printers discussed further].

Mike states that Whiteboards could be classed as similar to the 3D Printers - a new thing for the space.

2.5m whiteboards cost approx £100

Samathy states a Pledge Drive may determine how the membership see this as a priority.

The walls needs to be measured, and we need to properly cost this out, with a mounting strategy.

dpslwk: they can not stick forward of the wall, need to be mounted flush, or the person sat under them wil bang their shoulder when standing up

Reopening Nottinghack

HMS has been softlaunched, it will be "properly" launched soon. Trustees are working on Wiki and VIdeos to help navigate the Workshop Exit due to the one-way system that's in the plans.

There are certain issue we are having during the previous access process, messages of "do not use the saw" have not been heeded, they have been used, and when there are not many people using the space, the risk of fire (because of this machine) has greatly increased,

Therefore, this is a good example to highlight things need to be thought about when we reopen. The next level is where members can get access without Trustee approval. The next level after that is multiple access.

Therefore, as Trustees are responsible for the safety of all members, it needs to be done right. Pubs are not just reopening on the 4th of July, measures have to be put in place. Trustees are paying members with jobs on top of this role. Having been there last Saturday, they recognise new procedures must be laid out. One example is "Take Your Waste Home", and this must be completed and there are signs backing this up. The Spiral Staircase door can no longer be used as an exit, and this must be abundantly clear.

"Come To The Space Clean Up Your Mess Take It Home"

Is Dave's suggestion of a super-clear mantra that should be postered around the Space for when we go to the next level (edited)


James Spence suggests a lockout clasp going over the tools that are out of action, or not available to use.

Meeting Closed