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DanS  8:01 PM
September Members Meeting
Jason, Dan S, Andrew Armstrong, Bob Wood, Steve, James Sp, Gareth Howell, Louise D, James Sc
Chair: Andrew Armstrong
Minutes: Dan
Announcements & Events
Candidates for the upcoming election are now available to view on the wiki! All members have had an email about this.

We hope to arrange a virtual hustings in the upcoming week.
Candidates are: @James Spence @Lou @jayjay402 @Andrew Walters @Mike Haber @moop @Andrew Armstrong
Show and Tell on Zoom is happening on the 16th September! Contact @Gareth Howell if you have a project to share.
Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting
No issues raised
Team updates
@bobw mentions that he'd like to review the rules on usage of the circular saw during the current operation of the space.
Bob suggests that usage of the table saw could be allowed if there is a second occupant of the space willing to pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong

DanS  8:14 PM
The woodworking team are in favour of signage around the saw to the effect of "Do not use this tool when alone"
The current system allows 2 members to book the woodworking area concurrently. Members should/ could coordinate with another member if they wish to use the saw.
Trustees to discuss Woodworking teams proposal
@bobw also asks inductions.
The current re-opening plan has inductions set to resume at "Level 4". We are currently at Level 3.
Trustees have discussed this and agree that inductions might resume soon. @Samathy Barratt suggested that we have a zoom call with all the inductors to establish some ground rules/ operating procedures.
Woodworking team says that generally the rubbish situation is looking good at the moment. People seem to be removing their waste as requested.
Bob says that there is some white nylon type material being cut on the band saw. The swarf seems to be clogging up the band saws so if this is you, please pay special attention to cleaning up.
3D Printing
A 3D printer has been offered as a long term loan.
The offer is much appreciated but there's some discussion going on about loaned tools and how undesirable they are due to the potential of them vanishing.
Much preferable is if the hackspace can own the tools
A process exists for loaned tools but it is still far less desirable than just owning the tools
Good response has been sent to the offer from Dave S
The laser area booking has been split into two zones; A0 & A2
The 'regular' tool booking calendar has been functionally disabled in favour of the SPACE ACCESS calendar due to some confusion in which members booked the laser without booking access
Membership team have resumed some socially distant tours for prospective members.
Tours can be booked by email Membership@nottinghack. org .uk
@Andrew Walters & @iandickinson are doing a great job on this front

DanS  8:35 PM
We believe between 4-6 new members have joined Nottingham hackspace in the last month

2 replies
Last reply today at 8:42 PMView thread

DanS  8:38 PM
The current board began looking into health and safety by starting risk assessments and a review of our SAFETY CULTURE. This work will be handed over and continued by the new board once the election is concluded
No other team updates

iandickinson  8:42 PM
replied to a thread:
• We believe between 4-6 new members have joined Nottingham hackspace in the last month

DanS  8:46 PM
Hackspace 3.0 Update
Feasible plans with two options for stairs connecting the floors have been received from the architects.
Dominic is consulting with the architects and Matt Lloyd to ensure that the plans can be agreed as they vary slightly from the 'original' plan Matt drew up.
Bizspace have some plans to replace the main lift in Roden house with a passenger lift. We've no information on when this is going to take place but we do know that it is progressing.
We need to ensure that the specification of the lift is suitable for our needs. i.e able to hold a pallet and machinery. Trustees to continue communication with Bizspace.
We need to ensure that usage of the space is disassociated with the layout of the building. The layout of the space could change drastically when the stairs are put in. Several longstanding areas of the space may need to move when the stairs are put in based on access requirements for the tools.
Andrew is sharing these graphs
Andrew Armstrong
5 files 
1. July 2020 - Expenditure, Income, Bank 2.png

2. July 2020 - Expenditure, Income, Bank.png

3. July 2020 - Income vs Expenditure.png

4. July 2020 - Expenditure.png

5. July 2020 - Income.png

Posted in #meetingminutes | Today at 7:58 PM | View message
Income has been slightly higher than expenditure over the last 2 months
Bank balance has been bolstered by grant money mostly recieved in April 2020
Some grant money received from the national lottery is set to be spent imminently on Chairs & Tables

DanS  9:14 PM
Re-opening Nottinghack
Current Maximum occupancy is 10 members
Most areas can now be booked by 2 people
Classroom is available to book by members
Trustees are currently looking at extending the maximum duration of slots. It's currently 3 hours maximum. The limiting factor is currently the Laser cutter.
@Gareth Howell asks about a timeline for workshops, socially distant events and inductions.

iandickinson  9:17 PM
I saw inductions mentioned earlier. We have some people who are holding off joining until inductions resume.

DanS  9:18 PM
For example, the comic making group could be set up in the classroom with a one way system and distant tables.
Gareth is going to look at other community spaces and see what process they are employing in handling events in the next stages of Covid-19 restrictions being eased.
We are still hoping for a two-way gatekeeper unit to be installed on the airlock door soon. The one-way system remains in place for the time being.
No other business
Meeting Closed