2020-11-04 Transcript

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Andrew Armstrong  7:59 PM
November Members Meeting
Gareth H, Andrew A, Andrew W, Steve, Ian Dickinson, Betty Ching, Bob Wood, Jason
Chris Clemson (nb; non-member)
Chair: Steve
Minutes: Andrew A

Andrew Armstrong  8:06 PM
Trustee announcements and events
AGM 2020 - December 2nd - email with further details will go out tonight. The main thing is agenda items submitted will be reviewed by the membership for a period before the agenda is finalised by the Trustees and all items submitted will need a presentation.
Trustee Announcement: Dan Spencer is stepping down as trustee. He has put in his resignation and will fullfil the 42 day notice period to hand over projects. The Trustees have decided to continue to May with 6 trustees as per the constitution. The board want to say thank you for his work put in and he wants to continue as an active member so will be involved on items still.
Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting
Andrew W noted he still needs to check with Bizspace regarding the bins.

iandickinson  8:12 PM
Laser team report
Four inductions were completed in October and we have waiting list of 6 members. Inductions are now on hold again until the current Covid restrictions are relaxed.
Over recent weeks there have been further issues with the A0 laser PC crashing or not booting. The trustees have agreed to purchase a new PC, which has been received and is currently being set up.
The A2 laser is still in the space, but is currently off-line due to recent swap arounds of laser PCs. The loan has come to an end and it will be going once the lift is working and it can be removed.
Membership team report
Membership at the start of November stood at 670 members. During October we gained 7 new members, but lost 11.
We are still getting quite a few enquiries from people interested joining. The membership team are keeping a waiting list and will contact these when we are able to run tours again.
There are currently 12 people on the list.

Andrew Armstrong  8:18 PM
Team Updates
3d Printer - Gareth still is happy to go in to sort a 3d printer in the blue room
Comms - Not really a "comms team" needs some work to get all the avenues of communication open to communication team members. Newsletter, website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Gareth suggests it is worked on in January.
Craft and Textile - The newer overlocker and sewing machine - need to get them cleaned up and maintained. Will try and get something arranged.
Electronics - No updates
Infrastructure - No updates. No card reader on main door.
Laser - See Ians report above. New PC. A2 loan.
Membership - See Ians report above.
Metalworking - No update except Metal bandsaw is broken. Team notified on Slack but no word on work on it yet.
Network - Matt did a server update in October.
Safety - On the Trustee agenda but busy with other things.
Resources and Snackspace - Wipes have all gone so may need replacing. Hand wash is okay, sanitiser is okay (could use checking), loo roll is okay.
Software - As Network - update to server in October.
Woodworking - Planer Thicknesser and Router table is out of action and going to be fixed.

Andrew Armstrong  8:24 PM
Hackspace 3.0 Update
Steve is meeting with Dominic to get handover of the project and continue.
Financial Update
Reasonably similar to the last few months. Low expenditure is currently covered by members income.
Grants are due to be spent on Toilets - a note here: The waste pipe for the screen printing sink also probably needs sorting.
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Andrew Armstrong  8:33 PM
Hackspace Reopening
Can book in HMS but these must be trustee approved. A reason must be given since we are asking that usage is "Essential".
The table saw will be put out of action for the time being - if you want usage please contact the trustees for extreme use cases.
Masks are still available on the entrances - thanks to Betty for adding more of these.
Any Other Business
Show and Tell in 2 weeks - contact Gareth if you want to be involved.

Andrew Armstrong  8:44 PM
Chris - CCC - Chaos Computer Club in Germany have been doing hacker festivals. Every 4 years is a big camp, every year after Xmas is their congress. They will be doing some online events. Details may be posted in Google group we might want to attend.
A clarification on the Dan resignation point earlier on in the minutes: The Trustees voted to apply rule 5.4 to allow Dan to step down without an election since it was almost 6 months and the few extra weeks for rule 5.3.3 to apply, which we were going to do in this case.
Festivus - Gareth suggest doing an event near Christmas, announcement to the date and what is going on - on zoom.
Halloween prizes are with Steve and will be distributed! Was a great event - forgot to mention under Events.
Meeting closed.