2021-01-06 Transcript

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Meeting starts 8:02 Gareth has posted about a Monthly Maker Challenge, it's up on Slack #open-nights, want to keep these Wed meetings a bit more lively. There'll be a one-word prompt each month for something physical, an app, drawing(s), craft piece (however people want to respond to it), with the last Wed of each month to share what they've made. This month's is "wind".

8:02 It's to keep people engaged, and making. But it's not about finished pieces, it can be work in progress. It may be nice to have something other than hibernation, during this new Lockdown. 8:04 Things do not need to be made secret until "the day", showcasing what you have done before may encourage more to get involved. 8:04 It will be a way of like passing somebody in the physical space, online. 8:05 It will be good to showcase some of this on Social Media. 8:06 Roll call for this meeting Gareth H Mark T Ali Maq Ian D Steve B Andrew A Chair: Andrew W (edited) 8:06 AGM happened, seemed to go smoothly, despite being digital. 8:06 On behalf of the Trustees, thanks for the attendance. 8:07 Gareth: Question about Chaos Computer Club and being involved with something? (edited) 8:07 Looks like it's between Xmas and NY, so it's passed. 8:08 Team Updates 8:09 Laser - had maintenance on 16th Dec, all working fine, no new reported issues 8:10 Membership - Currently 650 Members, close to 2 years ago. At some point recently we were at 728 members. -7 in Nov. -14 in Dec. However enquiries in for new members (27 on waiting list) (edited) 8:12 Woodworking - there are a few machines out-of-action, Bob is currently not available to come in to the space to fix them, hence we cannot offer the usual quick-response to fix these. Things are progressing when they can happen. 8:13 Infrastructure - sinks are still down, some new plumbing is required. Have been ordered but not delivered yet. Andrew W is sorting this (thanks!) 8:14 Hackspace 3.0 - no real updates, but it's in the consciousness of the Trustees, and there's comms with the architect. Because Hackspace are replacing the lift, it means we don't need one, but the plans were drawn with them. We need to rec onsile the issues with the previous drawings, combined with no lift, to get plans redrawn. 8:16 Finances - awaiting some bits from Matt, end of year reports still to be signed by the Trustees. Mark's next trip up to Sheffield he will get this done. We should be applicable for the £4k grant announced a few days ago. 8:17

Hack The Space - Spring Clean
The Space is in need of some general cleaning. The Trustees spoke about doing this for when Lockdown ends, but it very much depends on what happens after this Lockdown, which the Trustees will plan when those announcements are made.
Close to that time, some volunteers may be welcome. all TBC.
Hackspace is only open for Essential reasons. We are in a National Lockdown, so if requests come in that do not seem essential, they may get rejected.
Also, a reasonable amount of notice is required for these requests for entry. (edited) 
Gareth: Could we do, perhaps a non-Wed Zoom Night, something for this waiting list. Could we do an open night for them?
Mark: We have a YouTube video and [Ian] a ComputerPhile one too.
Gareth: inviting and showcasing the social side and what the Hackspace has physicaly.
Andrew W: 2 aspects
1) community - "wind" could become something they join in for?
2)  virtualise the tour - we probably can, but will need somebody be at The Space. Q&A, Induction.
2 could be a lot of work, one could be a nice thing for new potential members?
Ian: Sometimes I invite them to Slack to see about things.
Maq: I like the idea of inviting them to Slack, gives them an idea of the community.
Maq/Ian: not sure on a virtual tour for new members, virtualy
Meeting Closes