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2021-05-05 Transcript

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May 5th  Members Meeting

Andrew A
Ali Maq
Betty Ching
Gareth Howell
Bob Wood
Andrew W
Ian Dickinson
James Spence
Mark Thompson
Trustee Elections - May 2021
Waiting for nominations - not got enough at the moment!
Email reminder will go out
Nomination window closes midnight on Monday 10th of May - next Monday
Ian Dickinson is Returning Officer
Green Hustle
Saturday 5 June from 10am-4pm
Should be a few people at a time on the stand
Action: Andrew to check leaflets, but Andrew W has a few at least
Betty, Ian and Bob and Andrew W may volunteer will post some info in #events

Andrew Armstrong  8:15 PM
Team Updates
Craft and Textiles - Domestic machines gone to be serviced. He will come in and review the larger machines in person at some point in the future.
Infrastructure - Electrics - see later. Matt has ordered a printer part for the big black and white printer.
Laser - A2 laser has gone now. Will be removed from HMS when we can.
Membership - May restart special tours with mixed households when the rules change in the future
Safety - Trustees will be reviewing safety when the new board comes in.
Resources and Snackspace - Chris Attewell has stepped down. Thank you to Chris for his outstanding work on this.
Woodworking - Space has been cleaned up quite a bit. Lot tidier. There is however a lot of machines that need parts and repairs.
Hackspace 3.0
Structural Engineer has been contacted but is currently too busy. Has given some recommendations. Can review the space with Matt and his plans and the architect ones.

Andrew Armstrong  8:19 PM
Start of infrastructure spends (£4600)
A grant came in (£4600)

Clarification - infrastructure spends are for toilets not the electrics. Got my months confused.

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Andrew Armstrong  8:20 PM
I need to figure out graph 2 why there is no "variable" red line. Mystery of Google Sheets I'm afraid.
5 files 
1 - Income.PNG

2 - Expenditure.PNG

3 - Income vs Expenditure.PNG

4- Ependiture, Income and Bank.PNG

5 - Expenditure, Income and Bank.PNG

Re-Opening Nottinghack
Major progress see #infrastructure on Slack by Matt
Will also do some kitchen work to improve the hob + extraction situation
Floor in the Studio is being looked at to get quotes - quite difficult to get quotes but hope to get it at a good price and be able to do it before reopening
There will be available funds for teams before reopening, but also shared areas like kitchen or studio or blue room (eg; computers)
Action: Organise a walkaround when it's clearer what the rules are, but we can accommodate visits with Trustee accompaniment when more of the electrics are done

Andrew Armstrong  8:34 PM
Blue Room/Electronics/Upstairs Proposals
Wiki to compile the proposals
Arranged meeting separate from the members meeting - this will keep things in public, on topic and not make meetings last until 10:30!
Dave S. has a proposal as does James S.
Trustees may bring some other ideas to the table
Decisions at that meeting how to move it forwards
Meeting closed 20:34