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{{main|Bike tools}}
{{main|Bike tools}}
{{tools}} An assortment of bike mechanic's tools available in this area:
{{tools}} An assortment of bike mechanic's tools available in this area:
<gallery mode=packed-hover widths=400px>
<gallery mode=packed-hover widths=500px>
File:IMAG0035.jpg|spanners ...
File:IMAG0035.jpg|spanners ...

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Bike Area
Intended Use Working on Metalworking projects
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Team Metalworking
Floor Upstairs
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The Bike Area contains tools for fixing and hacking bikes. It also the place to temporally store your bike while at the space.

Tools and equipment

question An assortment of bike mechanic's tools available in this area:

This area needs tidying and documenting.

Bike storage

In respect of our bike racks:

You are welcome to use the racks in the Bike Area to store your bike in the space if:

  • You are hacking in the space and using the space.
  • You want a safe place to leave your bike if you want to walk into town to shop/go to the cinema etc for a short period of time (ie, a morning or an afternoon).

You should not be using the bike racks:

  • For storing a bike for more than a day.
  • As storage for a project you’re working on.
  • Whilst you go to work every day (Nottingham City Council operate Citycard Cycle Hubs for this purpose).

Important notes

Tools in this area should always be returned to the area after use.


Guide.png  Please see Nottinghack Rules/Guide - Rule 0: Do Not Be On Fire


question This area and the tools in it does not require booking and can not be booked.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem in the Bike Area contact the Metalworking team. If a tool is broken or damaged, report it to the team.

Future plans

The bike tools and storage will move downstairs as Hackspace 2.5 continues to be developed.


Contained within this area are sub locations. A full list of these can be found here: Sub-Locations of Bike Area