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Metalworking team
Started September 2015
Discord [{{{discord}}} Metalworking channel]
Slack Metalworking channel (deprecated)
Lead Steve Barnett
Members Team members listed on HMS.
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Status Dissolved
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To look after the Metalworking Area, including keeping an eye on the tools and their usage, isolating any issues and keeping the area usable and user friendly. The team will manage maintenance and consumables as required.

Anyone wishing to be inducted on Metalworking please see Inductions.


The team is responsible for:

  • Keeping an eye on tools and consumables for the area
  • Keeping the area user friendly, safe and usable
  • Reporting any issues to other teams
  • Keeping the welding gas topped up
  • Managing maintenance to tools in the area as required
  • Managing ONLY safety inductions to tools in the area as required after people are trained as per Inductions at West Notts College
  • Documenting finances
  • Reporting to members meetings regarding income, spend and safety

The team is not responsible for:

  • Purchasing of tools
  • Other areas of the space
  • Altering the size of the space for the team

Team Roles

There are roles in teams. One person may be in one or more roles. The roles and responsibilities are

Team Lead

Overview of the Team and area including the safety and maintenance of equipment. Reporting at membership meetings. Review and agreement to changes to configurations that will affect hackspace members.


Creating and following maintenance procedures. Documenting maintenance. Response to Out of Order requests.


This is primarily for safety purposes - the main inductions are dealt with externally see Inductions for more information.

Inducting Members, managing, documenting and processing payment as required. Inductions should follow standard scripts that are available online.

Team Member

Activities that are required for the area not covered above. May include consumables, equipment checks, safety checks and general organisation and tidying.

What timescales does the team have?

There are no major timescales, however it is essential the welding gas does not run out. It is essential the Metalworking area and tools are kept maintained and the area clean, or the area may be closed to members for safety issues.

What will happen if your responsibilities aren’t met?

If the Metalworking Team are unable to meet the demand or timescales, the trustees may take on the responsibilities of the metalworking team on a temporary basis.

Person Specification

In order to be a Metalworking Team member, you need to be good at communicating with the membership, personable and easy to approach. You should be visiting the space fortnightly to check on the metalworking area and the metalworking board. The Team Leader and Trustees are responsible for team membership applications.