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As of Thursday 26th March 2020, the space is closed for all but essential work.

FAQ - General COVID-19 FAQ

Q. Can I go to the Hackspace whenever I want to?
A. No. Hackspace access is granted for essential use only. Leisure use is not permitted. Current advice is to stay at home and only travel when absolutely necessary.

Q. No one else is using Hackspace, can I stay there all the time?
A. No, you should limit your visits to the minimal amount of time possible.

Q. If I am allowed to access the space does this mean you have cleaned it and made it safe for me to use?
A. No, you should clean surfaces, wash your hands regularly and take any soaps, towels or other supplies with you, that you may rely upon.

Q. Will I be alone in space?
A. You might be, one or two other members or volunteers may be at the space at the same time, social distancing of 2 or more metres still applies. Consider wearing gloves and a mask. Vacate the space if there are more people than you expected or than feels safe, and inform trustees.

Q. Whilst I’m in the space the doorbell rang, what do I do?
A. You ignore it. Do not allow others to tailgate you into space. Do not let others, even other members enter the space. Members who have been granted access will have RFID access. If in doubt email the trustees or go onto team slack and DM a trustee.

Q. Is it okay to cook and prepare food at the Space?
A. Limited food preparation is acceptable. DO NOT leave food in the space. Do not put food and other waste into the bins at the space. Take ALL WASTE away.

Q. I need to collect my project/something from my box/etc from the space. Is this okay?
A. Yes, you will need to contact trustees for access.

Q. Can I still use the laser cutter?
A. Yes, if this is essential.

Q. Should I use the table saw?
A. No, the table saw is a witch that will steal your fingers. You should not use dangerous tools. No one will find your bloody body for days.

Q. Can I use the 3D Printers?
A. 3D printing takes a very long time. You need to carefully consider how long the print will take and inform the trustees when you make your access request.

Q. I have COVID-19, should I come to the Space?
A. No, you should shelter in place and call 111.


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