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Current Status

Levels run from most restrictions at Level 1 to least at Level 4. For example, at Level 1 access is only permitted for essential use, at Level 4 most activities can resume.

Update 20th of September 2022:

  • The space is open for general bookings again
  • Masks are no longer required, but please act considerately when working in close proximity to members who may prefer to wear a mask, Masks are available free of charge at the entrances.
  • Final electrical work may require powering off the space, and it might be closed for such work, this will be made clear via. email if it is for a long duration.
  • Open Nights will reopen only when we have enough Membership Team members available. If you wish to help this team please email them at membership -at- or email the Trustees. We also require other teams to have active members and we'll review membership of teams in the coming weeks.
  • Upstairs lightning is only controllable by the website; on the Hackspace WiFi access http://queen:8181/ to access the lighting controls.
  • Not all tools are available, the ones unavailable are:
    • Woodworking: Morticer, Table Saw & Planer Thicknesser (Whilst these tools are single phase the large dust extractor which is needed for their safe operation is not), Large Sander.
    • Metalworking: Metal Startrite Bandsaw, Donkey Saw, Bridgeport, Pantograph, Arc Welder, Mig Welder, Tig Welder.
    • Kitchen: The kitchen is functional for tea and coffee making only. No cooking at this point in time.

How to Book

A video of how to book access is available here


In addition:

  • There are several tools that should only be used when partnered with someone inside the space, among them the commonly used Table Saw. Please adhere to the rules to not uses these when alone.

These rules are being implemented for your own safety and the safety of others. The Trustees will be enforcing these rules and any rule breaking will be taken seriously.

You can email the Trustees directly or get in touch on Slack if you have any concerns.

Hackspace COVID-19 FAQ

Q. I have COVID-19, should I come to the Space?
A. No, you should shelter in place and consider calling 111.

Q. I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 recently after visiting the space
A. Inform the Trustees as soon as possible.

Q. How do I leave the Hackspace through the Workshop Door?
A. Watch this handy video.

Q. Should I use the table saw or other dangerous tool?
A. During level 1 the Table Saw will be unavailable for usage because you may only use the Table Saw however only if you are partnered with someone who is inside the space, it is against the rules to use the tools marked as such solo. The reason for the table saw in particular is it is a witch that will steal your fingers. You should not use dangerous tools alone, no one will find your bloody body for days. If any tool is deemed too dangerous to use (due to maintenance of safety) during COVID measures it will be turned off and marked and noted here.

Q. If I am allowed to access the space does this mean you have cleaned it and made it safe for me to use?
A. No, bring what you need to clean surfaces, wash your hands regularly. Take any soaps, towels or other supplies that you may rely upon with you.

Q. Will I be alone in space?
A. During Level 1 & 2, yes.

Q. Whilst I’m in the space the doorbell rang, what do I do?
A. Ignore it. Do not allow others to tailgate you into space. Do not let others, even other members enter the space. Members who have been granted access will have RFID access. If in doubt, email the Trustees.

Q. Is it okay to cook and prepare food at the Space?
A. No. Pre-packaged and vended food and drink may be consumed if all waste is taken away. Note: The fridge has been turned off and dishwasher is not to be used (wash up things please). Cutlery and plates have been removed since they will not be needed in the circumstances. Tea and coffee are still available but mugs must be washed or your own mug brought in.

Q. I need to collect my project/something from my box/etc from the space. Is this okay?
A. Yes, request access through HMS.

Q. Can I still use the laser cutter?
A. Yes, request access through HMS.

Q. Why can't I book the laser cutter on the Laser Tools page?
A. The laser bookings are currently tied to the different zones bookings. This page will change when this system is altered.

Q. Can I use the 3D Printers?
A. 3D printing takes a very long time. You need to carefully consider how long the print will take and inform the trustees when you make your access request.

COVID-19 Access Plans

The plans below detail the Levels described above in more detail. The Trustees have placed these plans are under regular review.

The latest revision is: File:Nottinghack COVID-19 Access Plan v9.pdf