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== Next meeting ==
== Next meeting ==
* [[2017-09-15 EMF 2018 Collaboration Meeting]]
* Basic architecture
** Do we have central brain box, or stand-alone targets / guns?
** What sensor technology to use
** Imagined reference implementation of gun and target
Date / Location: Nottinghack, 2017-09-15 (Fri) 19:15 ish, studio.
== Past meetings ==
== Past meetings ==

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For EMF Camp 2018, I'd like to run another collaborative project like BarBot. It'd be good to get a whole bunch of different members involved - bother to spread costs and to have more diverse skills and styles.


Lots of ideas were discussed at the ideas meeting in the King Billy on 6th Sep. There was a clear winner - Matt Little's suggestion that we build a shooting gallery in the style of the Hillbilly Moonshine Shooting Shack coin-op arcade game from the 80s, with each target and gun being a sub-project which can be tackled by a different contributor.

At time of writing, only the rough concept has been discussed. As yet there has been no discussion of theme or specifics of how it would work.

Next meeting

Past meetings