EMF Camp 2020/EMF Meeting 2020-02-19

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EMF meeting 2020-02-19.

  • Gareth, Moop, Dan, James Spence, Daniel, Alex, Samathy, Ali, Gareth, Andrew.


Put in village application:

  • Ask when date for tent application will be needed
  • Ask for size of the tables (we're asking for 10)
  • Haybales

Things to take

  • Safe for cash storage (store somewhere safe) - EMF won't have anywhere for us to use


  • Rota for people to cover the tent during workshops
  • Card payment and a form needed to track people paying (to get money back for materials)


  • Alex - Everything is Keyboard - Arduino workshop to turn anything into a keyboard - 15 people - costs increase if people are taking them with them
  • Alex (but not running) - workshop on Makey Makey's - for kids - https://makeymakey.com/
  • Dan - Boomerang workshop - will need assistance - needs sanding paper and coping saw - 10 people at max - costs for wood or cardboard for materials
    • Small sanding wheel (may have one) and some other power tools may be taken too
  • Andrew and Samathy - Robot badges at least, may be something more complicated - minimal cost. Soldering irons needed.
  • Gareth - comic making - possibly 2 sessions, 1 aimed at Children. 10 people.
  • Ali - Macramé workshop for doing a fluid holding item (Eg; can or bottle). String and safety pins. 3-4 people. Drop in one or two sessions.
  • Andrew - board games for a few hours or something similar (maybe D&D)
  • Moop and Dan - CnC workshop using moop - adults 3 at a time - noisy but can do over an hour and do it continually.
  • Ali - Laser cutter - 1-2 people, limited amount at a time, Maybe an hour with 15 minute slots. Get a keyring at the end.


Aiming for the big tent - £600 or more - pledge page!

  • Stop motion animation - Gareth - Laptop with iStop Motion - background thing to run on a table. Alex offers to do a button for the laptop to run it.
  • Snackspace - Andrew to look at organising
  • Joust - Alex - for evening times
  • CnC machine - Engraving names on wood. Kids can even do it.
  • Fog machine - check it if works, in team storage
  • Home woodworking bench, plus vice plus woodworking tools - Dan wants a vice, to help with workworking stuff
  • Plotter as a joke to print names out - Dan and Samathy
  • Robot game - Moop - 4 hours of battery life
  • Lighting installation in the tent - Samathy arranging various
  • Banner - other Ali to be asked - maybe get one for the space - Dan to contact
  • Barbot - extensions planned - see Barbot page