EMF Camp 2020/EMF Meeting 2020-03-18

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EMF meeting 2020-03-18.


  • Andrew, Mike H, Samathy, Daniel, Gareth


  • Village vouchers
    • Gareth Howell
    • Andrew to find other people who want tickets - 4 hours for a shift on the tent if getting one!


  • Confirmed small lasercutter that Dominic had would be usable
  • Will be sorting a schedule / timetable
  • Gareth happy to sort button for stop motion "go" button
    • Lex can help with it

Snackspace and Barbot supplier

  • Check out wholesalers (Booker) for stuff for snackspace
    • Ask Trustees for customer number
    • Trustees to come along for hackspace card usage


  • Daniel and Andrew to look at plans for barbot