Electronics PCB manufacture

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Equipment that we have

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(photo here)

Bubble Etch Tank - on loan from James Fowkes


UV exposure unit - on loan from James Fowkes

PCB LightBox3.JPG

Lightbox - new addition, hacked from emergency exit light by David Clarke

PCB Drill2.JPG

PCB Drill - Stand on loan from James Fowkes, precision drill on loan from David Clarke

The MaxiCraft drill, from RS, runs on 9 - 18V d.c, and has a 12V power pack.

With a suitable 18V power pack, the drill will run at 18000RPM

The chuck capacity is 3.2mm, and there are also some collets (which replace the chuck, which simply unscrews) which can be used with micro drill bits with a 2.5mm shank.


Micro Drills, Collets and Soldering Iron Bits are stored in this small cabinet.

Process and Procedure

Developer, Etching and Tinplating chemistry