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This is way out of date. Needs to be include dusty area / band saws / table saws / tools team / etc. etc.

Don't hold your breath Dclarke (talk) 09:52, 24 August 2015 (UTC)

My hacking-the-space projects that I have planned for the next few weeks / months / years (delete as appropriate!)

Although I put my name to these, anyone that is able to help is welcome to contact me to share in the effort.

Project Status Depends On
Carpenters Workbench Needs (sacrificial) top boards fitting, and routing / planing level. Bridgeport mill table removed from top!
Heavy Bench Drill Parts on order, needs de-rusting and cleaning , also motor checkout / rewire and control gear. Gritblasting Cabinet.
Gritblasting Cabinet Parts identified and set aside. Notification that some materials are in fact an abandoned project.
Hardware Stock Item matrix produced. Some (not good) quotes obtained. Possibility of s/h drawers. Discussion of initial list, then start purchase.
Spray booth Fit catches to secure outgoing filter, addition of primary (sacrificial) filter. Add airline and facilities for airbrush / spraygun. Time and inclination.
Heavy Metal Shelving Some parts available. Donation of shelving has been promised for early part of 2013
Toolboards (Re-fit with shadows painted on. Time and inclination.
Kiosk PC Laptop obtained, OS installed and browser set up. Trackball purchased. Proving in Hackspace, location selection and building a shelf.
Hotwire Cutter Based on articles in model Engineers Workshop and Elektor magazines. Need to get some oak panels - in progress.

Was: Project:Tauco Bench Drill (Now Deleted)

Restoration project. Dclarke (talk)

Stalled - needs a cast gear making. Parts no longer in the Hackspace.

The more recent arrival of the Fobco bench drill is a replacement for this one.

This is a Tauco (USA) bench drill seen about to be scrapped by AndyC, who brought it along to see if we could use it. It has the following basic features:

3-phase 3/4HP motor and speed change via belt drive.Chuck to pillar clearance of 180mmChuck to worktable 270mmChuck to base 410mm

Serial number 15-8152 415V, 50c/s, 0.8A, 0.75HP 1420RPM motor by Tuscan Engineering, London N1

Considerable cosmetic rusting needs to be cleaned up, a re-paint is needed and a couple of items are missing - a quill-end stepped pulley, and up-to-date electrical controls.

It also needs a safety cover for the belt drive fabricating - when first built it didn't have one - nonetheless it is a substantial industrial tool that I'm sure we can make good use of at the Hackspace.

I don't know how old it is - possibly 40 years or more.