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See Google group for original discussion, together with the suggestion that it be used for cutting larger pieces of timber - opening up the possibility that we also get a Scrollsaw for fine, curved work.

Currently the workshop has a Bandsaw. Jake posted a message on the Google groups pointing out:

"The current bandsaw gets a lot of use. Since we bought a new pillar drill a larger floor standing bandsaw seems like the next logical step.

It's also not perfect, the blade wanders, and it doesn't have a steady cut speed, it seems to cut well then appears to slow down, plus the vibrations cause the blade to move around a lot. In general it can be a pain to do some work on it.

To that end, a pledge was started, in order to prompt the purchase of a better bandsaw. Suitable models (listed below) costing in the range £350 - £500 are being considered,

Pledge Details

Name Amount Paid Notes
Gazz £5 Y In cashbox
Seb Price £10 Y In cashbox
Wendy £10 Y Bank transfer
Andrew Th £20 Y Bank transfer
David C £10 N
Dominic £20 Y Bank transfer
Gareth £20 Y Bank transfer
Ian D £20 Y Bank transfer
Jake £10 N
James F £20 Y Bank transfer
James H £20 N
Joe £20 N
Matt Little £10 Y Bank Transfer 27/9/13
Matt Lloyd £5 N
Matt Spandex £10 N
Michael E £10 Y Bank transfer
Rave £10 Y Bank Xfer
Total £240 £155

Possible saws to choose from (extracted from the Google Group):




Wide range: