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This is Matt Little AKA chunky hampton AKA doc little's bit of this website. I'm generally around and about at the open hack nights if you'd like to chat about anything.

Check out my main web pages for more info Renewable Energy Innovation.


  • Renewable energy
  • Pedal power
  • Solar power
  • Upbeat 60s & 70s funk and soul music
  • bicycling and wheel related stuff
  • creative but useful electronics
  • home-made chutney and home brewed beer and wine
  • What people in the 1960s though the future would look like
  • I have just started to grow my own beansprouts again after a 12 month pause

Projects both in my head and in real life

Appropriate Technology Group

A once monthly meet up and design session about technology and development

Home Brew Station

An all in one unit for brewing batches of home-brewed beer

Interesting links

My Gallery

My uploaded images