Hack the Space Days/8th-10th Feb 2019

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We will be holding a Hack the Space weekend from 18:00 on Friday 8th February till 18:00 Sunday 10th February. During this time no normal project work will be happening. It'll be all hands on deck improving our space!

Our Hackspace is only as great as our members make it so please join us. Regardless of if you can only spend 30 minutes or the whole weekend at the space; during this time any, and all, help will be greatly appreciated.

This wiki page is interactive and is intended to detail exactly what needs doing so that we're all working towards the same goals. If you know of anything that needs fixing or looking at, feel free to add it to the list! In theory, someone could turn up at 3 am and complete some jobs off this list without anyone there to tell them what to do. You will see the page gradually change on the run-up to the weekend as more teams & members populate it.

Major Jobs Board

Studio Flooring Replacement

As many are aware the studio flooring is in desperate need of replacement after many years of surviving. I think for 2019 it is time for new flooring. During this time we will also be resetting LPS (Large Project Storage). Below are some of the jobs if you are interested in helping out

Studio Floor Replacement
Job Day Deadline Volunteers Completed?
Empty the Craft Room Ongoing N/A
Empty Large Project Storage TBC Fri
Replacement of Craft Room Floor TBC Fri
Move Sewing Machines and Embrodery Machine TBC Fri
Move Tables & Chairs to Workshop Fri Fri
Move Vending Machines Fri Fri
Remove Bench to workshop Fri Fri
Removal of Workshop Floor Fri / Sat (Morn) Sat (AM)
Prep floor for new flooring Sat Sat (PM)
Lay new flooring Sat / Sun
Move Tables & Chairs back to workshop Sun
Move Vending Machines back Sun
Tidy and Drinks Sun

Redesigning the Large Project Storage Area

Studio Floor Replacement
Job Day Deadline Volunteers Completed?
EXAMPLE 1 Empty the Craft Room EXAMPLE 2 Ongoing EXAMPLE 3 N/A EXAMPLE 4 EXAMPLE 5

CNC Area

Dust shoe for CNC Mill

This is a low priority task that could be worked on if alone in the space during the shutdown. It will probably require some 3D Modelling skill.

The mill could potentially be fitted with a removable dust shoe that has an attachment for the hoover. Something that looks something like this: http://www.cncrouterparts.com/universal-cnc-dust-shoe-p-396.html

Tool Storage Rack

The collets and tools are currently sitting loose on the stepper controller under the CNC PC monitor. I would like to get some kind of tool rack made to better organise the area. Don't think any modelling skills will be required for this as there are lots of different solutions that could work.

Miscellaneous Jobs

  • Reorganise comfy area including rewiring of speakers
  • Electrics within the workshop (replacing lights) etc
  • 2.5 jobs TBC

Broken Toilet Seat

One of the toilet seats is broken and could do with being replaced.

I will try to add a picture here that may help with finding a replacement

Producing a Checklist of tools and PAT testing

Producing a list of tools is a task that can be worked on if you find yourself alone or you are working on PAT testing during the weekend. There is already a wiki page for this list that can be updated by anyone :)

The wiki page for the list is located here: Tool list