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Holly prides himself on the fact he had an IQ of 6,000 (apparently the same IQ as 6,000 PE teachers or 12,000 car park attendants), but after three million years by himself, he had become computer senile, or as Holly put it, "a bit peculiar".

Holly on Wikipedia

Our first server is past the days of being called fast or prim hardware, it can take a while to boot/respond. However its likely to be our only workhorse for a little while so please don't ridicule Holly on his senility!

Fanless Via Epia Mini-ITX 533MHz

  • 512mb RAM
  • 1 20GB HDD (/, /var, /var/log, /tmp, swap, /usr) dead disc
  • 1 13GB HDD (/home) dead disc
  • 1 80GB HDD (/, /home, ~40GB each)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Server Guide
  • Low power so fine for always-on.
  • Has parallel port!
  • Has serial port!
  • General usage account is 'nottinghack' pass on request to all members
  • Members can have personal accounts on request (512meg soft limit?)
  • Static IP (but assigned using DHCP)
  • Defaut LAMP servers are installed
  • Kryten is forwarding port 1921 to 22(sshd)
    • SSH password login is enabled from local network but disabled form the internet. To access ssh from the outside world use key authentication by placing your pub key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys