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Holly prides himself on the fact he had an IQ of 6,000 (apparently the same IQ as 6,000 PE teachers or 12,000 car park attendants), but after three million years by himself, he had become computer senile, or as Holly put it, "a bit peculiar". - Holly

The main purpose of Holly is to run the HackSpace Instrumentation projects, the most important of which being Gatekeeper.


Holly was Nottinghacks first server, originally set up at Hackspace_1.0, and was a fanless Via Epia Mini-ITX 533MHz, with this specification:

  • 512mb RAM
  • 1 80GB HDD (/, /home, ~40GB each)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Server Guide
  • Low power so fine for always-on.
  • Has parallel port!
  • Has serial port!

Since Holly has become very much mission critical for the hackspace, it is not feasible to let members have free access to it, but now that Holly is a VM running on Collective we can easily have other VMs for testing and running a few other services.

Current configuration

Nowadays, holly only exists as a virtual machine on the Collective server.

  • Kryten is forwarding port 1921 to 22 for remote SSH access.
  • SSH password login is enabled from local network but disabled from the internet. To access SSH from the outside world use key authentication by placing your pub key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys