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Improvements to the space and it's facilities. A list of jobs which have been talked about, or materials collected for, but which have yet to get off the ground as real projects. Can you help? Please add comments, additional ideas for infrastructure projects, etc., etc.,

In no particular order:

1. Larger area of vinyl floor covering to be fitted near the workshop sinks. We have a piece of 'non-slip' blue flooring that would do. Needs laying down (when the weather is warm, to allow it to relax into place), butting to fit around the various legs of the sinks and screenprint cupboard, and non-trip edging fitting.

2. Dusty area. Build down-draught workbench for sanding. Lay some non-slip flooring (we have a roll of grey vinyl available) (sawdust on floor can be slippery). Install dust / chip extraction and management equipment (possibly using large centrifugal fan/ motor we have available). We now have a larger dust / chip extractor being installed.

3. Metalwork area. Build hearth for (limited) work with brazing torch, for example. Complete welding bench and install wall panel to shield the gas cylinders.

4. Studio / Members' storage. Remove steel shelf unit from members' storage into studio to use for additional large(er) project storage. and in its place build a custom shelving unit to optimise the storage of member's boxes. (Should allow an additional 12-20 boxes in this space.)

5. Install hot water heater(s) for kitchen / bathroom / workshop.

6. Install fume extraction (fans and ducting) to extract from the electronics workbench.

7. Similar fume extraction from the welding area. We have now got a suitable "elephant's trunk" to use for this.

8. Install fume extraction from the laser cutter(s) area.