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This page is a list of materials that can be cut or engraved on the Nottinghack laser cutter, along with information on cutting speeds and power settings. Other useful information is also provided.

This page is currently being updated as we now have the 000-999 dial for power settings. Always make sure the zero position is showing as 000, if not, adjust the below values accordingly.

The laser can do three things - cut, mono etch and grayscale etch. The settings below will be for a specific action. If you use another material of method, update this page with your findings!

The values on this page have been tested, but are guidelines. Always stay with the laser when it is running, and use your common sense!


3mm Birch Laser Ply

This is the plywood available by the laser cutter.


350 power, 12 mm/s gives a nice clean cut. If there are knots in the ply it may not cut all the way through, you can reduce the speed to 14mm/s to compensate for this.

Mono Etching

Grayscale Etching

400 power, 200mm/s with Bottom Depth = 1 and Top Depth = 250 gives a nice image with a black depth of around 0.5mm and white depth of 0. This will require sanding afterwards.

At 350 power but all the other settings the same, the black depth is around 0.35mm. This will work fine for high contrast images.

3mm MDF

This is the MDF available by the laser cutter.


Plain and coloured veneer available by the laser cutter.

Colours: Black, Light Blue, Light Green, Medium Green, Red, Brown, Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Yellow, Hay Yellow, Grey, Orange, Dark Orange.

For coloured veneer, please consider free to use for small amounts. For larger cuts, please consider a donation to the space (rough cost of veneer: 15p per square inch).

Paper and Card

Thin Cardboard

  • Cutting Speed: 30 mm/s
  • Laser Current: 4mA

These values were found using with 160gsm black card. Other gsm values may require changes to the speed and power.