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Who (is this person)

jfowkes (James Fowkes) is a 20-something year old electronic engineer/embedded programmer from Nottingham. Originally from Bedford, he moved to Nottingham in 2004 to pursue a Physics degree and just hasn't got around to leaving the city yet. He was raised by a family of wolves and enjoys making things up.

What (interests does he have)

  • Electronics
  • Computing
  • Gliding
  • Biking
  • Rocketry (a long time ago)

When (did he join)

James joined the hackerspace in March 2011, and really hopes he has the free time to stick around.

What (has he done)

Although James claims to be a keen electronics hobbyist, evidence of actual finished projects is rather scant. So far, there has been:

  • An automatic timer for a UV exposure box
  • Two versions of a clapper to control a ceiling light
  • The signalling lights on the launchpoint at RAF Cranwell gliding club
  • A capacity tester for SLA batteries
  • A small piece of light-up jewellery

This compares to what he'd like to get finished, which includes:

  • His website
  • Version 4 of his clapper (with an RGB LED output and possibly something like whistle-frequency sensing?)
  • A laser projector
  • A nixie clock or two
  • A huge version of Tetris (approx. 2m x 1m)
  • A "time fountain" (see [1])
  • A benchtop power supply
  • A constant-current/constant-power load

And things he'd like to do but can't even think about at the moment:

  • A small fully/semi-autonumous UAV
  • Get back into rocketry

Where (can I found out more)

James intends to be a fully-functioning member of the hackerspace, so you can probably meet him in person. He also has a largely-incomplete website of his own.