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| Lee Garland || £150 || ||
| Lee Garland || £150 || ||
| Edward Raisin || £30 || ||
| [[User:Ideacrystals|Ian Evans]]|| £50 || ||  
| [[User:Ideacrystals|Ian Evans]]|| £50 || ||  
Total So Far: £4050
Total So Far: £4080

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Pledge drive for the new Laser Cutter. If you have forgotten your HMS password or are not a member but would like to pledge please post in this thread on the Nottinghack Google Group and someone will update this page.

Laser Cutter

We will be aiming to purchase a £4000 A0 80W laser cutter from Just Add Sharks. The proposed machine is detailed here. The main advantages over our current setup making it a real upgrade/replacement is:

  • Hackspace owned - all money from using the laser will go into maintaining it and improving the space
  • More power!! - will cut faster, and cut thicker material
  • Larger bed size - can cut up to A0 size (1200x900)
  • Better software - you could sort the laser patterns on another machine not taking up the laser laptop, plus it is much improved and easier to use and reliable
  • Good price for the size - we are getting a special price including installation support for free
  • Includes a larger cooler - can add a second laser later to run dual laser cutters in the future, making this a rather future proof solution

Pledge Rewards

These rewards are offered for those people pledging:

  • Free laser time - Every person paying their pledge will get a credited amount of laser time back at what they donated - £30 donated will give £30 of laser time.

Note: the final cost of laser time has not been determined, but £3 per hour is a commonly pointed to figure right now.

Other rewards may be offered, if your pledge may change because of it please say on the mailing list! None of these are confirmed in the slightest yet! please show interest so numbers can be drawn up!

  • Free inductions - New users may get free inductions if they donate a certain amount of money. Please note existing inducted people will get a free weekend to learn the new software and machine.
  • Free workshops - Personal idea to have a free workshop (materials, project, help and support) for big pledges to get them going on the laser
  • Other things! - Please suggest ideas if you hope it will increase pledges and they will be considered.

Stretch Goals

There are of course plenty of additional stretch goals that can be obtained to improve what we buy! Pledge as much as you can so these can be reached; the costs may be added later.

  • RFID reader system - To pay for the charge card system so people don't have to mess with cash
  • Spare parts - We could buy spare parts with the machine which would be cheaper than buying them later and guarantees compatibility.
  • More powerful laser - 80W is the current power, but a more powerful laser can be faster and go through thicker material
  • More materials - More exotic materials for the laser cutter could be purchased ready to be used for those who donate a certain amount
  • Improved work area - A better computer, a better bench, custom shelving and material storage, better chairs, your name in lights 50 foot high lights on the wall while you're cutting - all but one of these things could be brought!
  • Second laser cutter! - A smaller, A4 or A3 laser cutter, could be brought (working on the cooling system that comes with the A0 laser)
    • This could be even a DIY laser, if enough was donated we could have a medium to long term project for a DIY specially built one!

List of pledges

Please post on the list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Initial date of review of the state of pledges is the 19th of February 2014. A meeting will be held at 8PM in the blue room to discuss the results.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Andrew Armstrong £100
James Hayward £200
Dominic Morrow £200
Michael Erskine £50
James Fowkes £100
Gareth Howell £25
Michelle Strickland £50
Tony Shannon £25
Mouse £25
Martin Raynsford £220
Matt Little £200
Robert Hunt £100
Matt Spandex £70
Rob Haywood £100
Derek Stonall £100
David Clarke £25
Adam F £50
Hackspace £1000
Gazz £25
Samuel Jones £50
Matt Pritchard £50
Ian Dickinson £100
Chriscain £225
Ric Briney £100
Andrew Manning £25
John Crouchley £200
Kate Bolin £20
Mick Beeby £25
Lionel Goodwin £50
Steve Barnett £50
David Hayward £50
Joe Duckhouse £50
Toby Jackson £20
Kai Pays £20
Benjamin Crowe £10
Graham S £20
Dylan Swift £25
Gillian Zirmer £20
Jon Woodcock £50
Jared Allen £25
Lee Garland £150
Edward Raisin £30
Ian Evans £50

Total So Far: £4080