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Hi, a quick intro to Chris


  • CNC - In theory using cnc tools to make things, but really I like making the tools more :-)
  • Embedded Systems - mostly ARM and AVR
  • Flying - almost everything to do with full size + model flying
  • Sterling hot air engines, especially Low Temp ones
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy


Electronics: this was my day job until I got promoted to a level where I had to deal with people not stuff.
CNC: Using and building, Lathe + Mill CNC conversion, Mach3, Steppers Servos etc.
Metalwork: Lathe, Milling, cutting, filing and measuring - not always in that exact order :-)
Embedded programming: C, various assembly languages
Pilot and flying instructor, gliders and power


  • Glider Aerobatic Logger - See [1] for a very out of date summary of progress
  • Light Aircraft 'black box' - a cut down version of the logger that just measures G and flight time

Project 'next/todo list'

  • Build a 3D printer - Done

Built a Ormerod, helping to build the hackspace =+ yrs reprap's

  • Learn a lot more about SMT PCB's and the best way to home fabricate them
  • Build a SMT Reflow oven
  • Build a SMT pick/place machine

Things I can help with

Have a lot of high end electronic Test/Measurement kit, happy to help with calibration/repair of electronic equipment
Embedded micros: Arduino, FreeRtos, ARM + AVR micros, building boards and programming them to do stuff