Prescription Safety Glasses

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We're really aware that one size doesn't quite fit all when it comes to protective eyewear - especially for those who wear glasses. As such, we're interested in Nottinghack setting up with Boots Opticians to allow for our members to get prescription safety eyewear, to keep and use inside and outside the Hackspace. The safety glasses you buy would be yours - they don't have to be kept inside the Hackspace! This is not part of a sponsorship or corporate deal with Boots - the account is to allow for quick and easy ordering of equipment.

Each pair would cost you £69, and includes the following:

  • Prescription safety specs
  • Free eye check
  • Visual acuity report

The scheme would work as follows:

  • Pay Nottinghack £69, and receive your code via email
  • Take the code to any Boots Opticians
  • Have your eye check and talk through your eyewear options with their team
  • Get your glasses, and hack even safer!

We need at least ten orders for the first round, subsequent orders can be ordered individually. If you are interested in this scheme please add your name below, along with your preferred style.

Name Wraparound or Sidewall?
Froggy Wraparound
PaulH depends what they look like :3
Derek Stonall Wraparound

Wraparound are the shooting-style glasses, with removable Rx insert and foam brow guards. Sidewall look like regular glasses, but with safety side shields. Both can have varifocal, bifocal or single vision lenses.