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== Snacks in the kitchen ==
== Snacks in the kitchen ==

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Snacks in the kitchen

Snacks for sale.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit on Open Hack Night is funded by snackspace (and donations)

Snackspace Stocklist


Tango Orange
Diet Coke
Spring Water
Coca Cola
Dr Pepper
Schweppes Lemonade
Pepsi Max
Club Mate
Old Jamaica Ginger Beer


Pot Noodle
Rice Krispies Squares / Marshmallow
Rice Krispies Squares / Rocky Road
Muesli bars


M&Ms Peanuts
Chupa Chups
Toffee Crisp
Lemon Refreshers
Strawberry Refreshers
Wine Gums
Raspberry Wham!
TicTacs / Lime & Orange
TicTacs / Mint

This list to be updated once regular service returns.


(items on the kitchen whiteboard)

Kinder eggs
Goji berries
Mixed dried fruit
Dried papaya
Pistachio nuts
Chewing gum
Regular / Dry Roast peanuts
Healthy Snacks

Cleaning the Space

Other items that are generally re-stocked from the cash'n'carry at the same time as Snackspace

Dustbin liners

Small bin liners

Paper towels (kitchen)

Paper towels (blue, industrial)

Toilet tissue

Washing-up liquid

Handwash / Antiseptic

Industrial handcleaner.

Dishwasher stuff