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{{#if:{{{type|}}}|[[Category:{{#switch:{{lc:{{{type|}}}}}|event=Events|workshop=Workshop|member=Members|infrastructure=Hackspace Infrastructure|#default=Undefined}} Projects]]}}
{{#if:{{{type|}}}|[[Category:{{#switch:{{lc:{{{type|}}}}}|event=Events|workshop=Workshop|member=Members|infrastructure=Hackspace Infrastructure|#default=Undefined}} Projects]]}}
{{#if:{{{primary|}}}|[[Category:{{{primary}}}'s Projects]]}}

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QR code


All arguments are optional. The default state of the template with no arguments is shown at the top of this page.

Note: if version is set, the project title links to the parent of the page that includes this template.


Inserting the following text at the top of your project page will produce an information box on your page that gives an overview of the project to the reader. All of the arguments are optional and can be written in any order.

Images look great with this template, include one if you can!



An image, in the format File:<image name>.<ext>. DO NOT include the [[]] brackets otherwise the image will display full size.
This adds text under the image used for the infobox.
Used to override the project name if it is different from the name of the wiki page (default: the page name without the Project: prefix).
Primary contact.
This is a useful argument where more than one person has worked on the project.
The creation date of the project, format DD/MM/YYYY. If day of month unknown use 01.
The date the project was completed, format DD/MM/YYYY. If day of month unknown use 01.
The date the project was put on hold or made dormant, format DD/MM/YYYY. If day of month unknown use 01.
Project version number (e.g. 1).
List of members involved. Ideally, use [[User:username|username]] format.
Project status.
Please use the following categories: (Planning/Dormant/Complete/In Progress)
Is the project to benefit Hackspace infrastructure or is it a Members Project?
Including this will automatically apply the relevant category to your project.
Please use the following categories: (infrastructure/member/event/workshop/other)
This can be used for projects that may be dormant or complete but still maintained/ live eg. vending machines
Please use the following categories: (0/1/2)
If set to 1 (default), a link to the QR code is displayed.
If set to 2, it will display the QR code image on. If set to 0, do not display the QR code link or image.


Thanks to London Hackspace for the original version of this template (Template:Project on London Hackspace wiki).