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List of Power Tools we have:

Tool Quantity Consumables? More required? Location Comments Looks Like
Myford Super 7 Lathe 1 N Metalworking Area Myford Lathe
Denford Lathe 1 N CNC Area Denford Lathe
Wood lathe 1 Faceplates, Chucks N Dusty Area Chinese model similar to Charnwood 813 Wood Lathe
Metal Cut-off Saw 1 N MB Stayer TF84 225mm 85rpm
Donkey Saw 1 N W Rapidor Nottinghack Tools Rapidor donkey saw.jpg
Metal Chop Saw 1 N W De Walt (LTL)
100A Arc Welder 1 N MB Draper 87939
MIG Welder 1 N MB Sealy MightyMIG 120XT mkII
Power Washer Y
Twin 6" Grinding Wheel 1 N MB Parkside PDOS200A1 2950rpm
100mm Angle Grinder 1 cutting discs N TC Stayer SA100 450W 10Krpm
Centre Front
115mm Angle Grinder 0 cutting discs - - Clarke CAG122 900W 10Krpm Gearbox stripped - Replacement to be obtained (Aug2015)
230mm Angle Grinder 1 cutting discs N TC Ferm FAG-230 1550W 6000rpm
Left Rear
24V Cordless Hammer Drill 1 N/A N TC Challenge Pro
Mains Hammer Drill 1 N/A N TC Performance Power 710W
Classic B&D Drill + Stand 1 N/A N WB B&D DNJ70B 370W
Router and Table 1 Router Bits N TC Powercraft PBF-1200 1200W 9-30Krpm 6mm, 8mm collets
Nottinghack Tools Router.jpg
Biscuit Jointer 1 Biscuits N TC Powercraft 850W
Power Plane 1 N TC
Air Compressor 1 N/A N TC Direct Power
Air Nailer & Stapler 1 Nails & Staples N TC Parkside PDT40A1
Cordless Drill / Driver 2 Driver Bits Hitachi DS14DVC 14.4V 1250rpm (defunct)
Cordless Hammer Drill / Driver 2 Driver Bits N Hitachi DV14DVC2 14.4V 1500rpm (defunct)
Cordless Hammer Drill / Driver 1 Driver Bits N Direct Power TP18CD 18V 1300rpm
Mouse Sander 1 Large Mouse Sheets N TC Bosch PSM80A
Detail Sander 1 Small Mouse Sheets N TC Bosch PDA120E
Detail Sander 1 Small Mouse Sheets N TC Challenge MS3467
Belt Sander 1 Sanding Belts N TC Powercraft 2408 950W Replaced by: Clarke ?????
Belt / Disc Sander 1 Belts and Discs N W Perform CCBDS46 1/2HP Record Power 150mm disc / 199mm x 915mm belt
Bench Disc Sander 1 Discs N W Record Power 300mm disc
Finishing Sander 1 Sanding Sheets N TC Ferm VM-150 135W 1/3 sheet
Orbital Sander 1 Sanding Sheets N TC Powercraft S1A-AK2J8-125TB 420W 125mm
Circular Saw 1 N/A N WS Performance Power FMTC184SFD 1200W 184mm
Nottinghack Tools Power Saws.JPG
210mm Cutoff Saw 1 N/A N WB Challenge MMS0649 1200W
(Cutoff Saw) 1 N Ferm FKZ-205 (in box)
Band Saw 1 56 1/2" Blades N W Schneider SCH190 250W 1500rpm
10" Table Saw 1 N Performance Power 1500W 5700rpm
(Saw Bench) 1 N Ferm FZB-720 (in box)
Bench Drill (+ machine vice) 1 N/A N WB Wickes 250W
Radial arm pillar drill 1 N/A N W Sealey GDM1630FR
Jigsaw 1 blades N TC Bosch PST650 500W 3100rpm
Nottinghack Tools Power Saws.JPG
Jigsaw 1 blades N TC B&D KS630 370W 3200rpm
Jigsaw 1 blades N TC B&D KS888E 500W 3200rpm
Jigsaw 1 blades N TC Ryobi EJS-500 400W 2600rpm
Shop vac 6 N W We have 2 Henries (red), Kerstar (blue) and Hoover (green) as well as a Vax (orange) plus a Dyson
Hot air gun 0 N/A Y Failed and scrapped / Jan 13
Small glue gun 1 Small glue sticks N SR
Large glue gun 1 Large glue sticks N SR
Dremel Rotary Tool 2 N/A N TC
Nottinghack Tools The Dremel Collection.jpg