Hitachi Drill Driver

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Hitachi Drill Driver  (defunct)
Manufacturer Hitachi
Model DS14DVC and DS14DVC2
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Location Broken Tools Box
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Status Defunct
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The Hackspace has two 'pairs' of Hitachi Cordless drills, also usable as power screwdrivers.

Model DS14DVC is a non-hammer drill with a maximum speed of 1250rpm

Model DV14DVC2 is a drill / hammer drill with a maximum speed of 1500rpm

All use the same 14.4v 1200mAh / 1500mAh rechargeable battery packs, and there are two 'intelligent' charger stations for these.

The hammer drill variants have a larger chuck capacity, and so can accommodate hole-saw arbors - this is particularly useful as these should be run at a particularly slow rotational speed and these cordless drills have speed control on the triggers.

Both types have low / high speed gearbox selection - use low speed for high-torque is needed (e.g. screwdriving) and high speed for drilling.


Damage can be done to the drills and battery packs if they are run too intensively. One drill and battery pack has been damaged in this way as the contacts between the two parts overheated, melting the contact springs through the plastic bodies into the outside rubber covering in such a way that contact couldn't be made.

Please pay attentions to any 'hot plastic' or 'hot rubber' smells and give the drills a rest before continuing to prevent occurrence of this.

Repair (06:21, 16 February 2014 (EST)) involves fitting a thin copper-foil splint in the plastic case to replace the burned material which acts as a backing for the contact spring.