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* [ Generate dots/patterns from input image]
* [ Generate dots/patterns from input image]
* [ London's disused skill swap page]
==Other Wiki pages==
==Other Wiki pages==

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Name Jon H
Date joined
Manufacturer Organic
Model Homo sapien


Jarvis public html directory [1],

Folder for JARVIS Share [smb://jarvis/shared/Jon]. (Another extension


Good day ; -)
I write duff code.

About this user

Wiki and Wikipedia enthusiast, along with other projects that add to the knowledge commons.

My operating system of choice is Manjaro Linux. For social media I use Diaspora, a community run and open source project, my profile.

Wiki pages currently being worked on

User subpages

Makers map

  • Add Bobbins shop and UoN materials shop?


Test pages

Template tests




If you have any questions please ask away...

Information to potentially merge in

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