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The Idea

Show something rotten, drink a few beers and sit around in a big pile of blankets cos it's winter and freezing in the space. Drunken jeering, wisecracks and so on are encouraged.

Bring popcorn.

Screened so Far / Planned

When Choice By / Blame Movie Notes Mouse's awfulness rating
2012-11-01 (Thu) 20:45 Mouse Troll 2 It has been called "the best worst movie ever". 11/10
2012-11-08 (Thu) 20:45 Prison Liz Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death I do believe this fits the bill. Four and a half cabbages
2012-11-15 (Thu) 20:45 Drunken consensus Iron Sky Sadly this movie isn't down to our usual standards. bad bad movie (too good)
2012-11-23 (Fri) 20:45 David H Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (Turkish Starwars) First I ignored it. Then I mocked it. After that I fought it. After that it won. Infinity plus one
2012-11-07 (Fri) Kate Mr. Willowby's Christmas & Santa Claus Versus the Martians error: Mouse not found error: Mouse not found.
2012-12-14 (Fri) The Broadway The Devils, Frankenhooker, Chopping Mall Amazing, amusing, ear-abusing. In that order 30 degree bevel
2012-12-21 (Fri) Kate Stone Henge Apocalypse My pizza fell on the floor, giving me sad face. The pizza- I mean movie. sucked 4 tears out of dead pizza
2012-12-28 (Fri) Mouse The American Astronaut Bad movie night presents: A good movie for once Best movie evar
2012-12-04 (Fri) Spencer Bad Taste Spencer got his way at last!
2012-12-11 (Fri) JamesF Warbirds

Suggestions for the future

  • Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl (suggested by Adam F)
  • Warbirds (suggested by James F)
  • Showgirls (Liz)
  • Plan 9 From Outer Space (suggested by Dominic M)
  • Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus (suggested by Tim)
  • der Hexer (suggested by Uwe)
  • Raumpatrouille - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion (suggested by Uwe)
  • Mr. Vampire (suggested by Mouse)
  • Zombie King and the Legion of Doom aka Zombie Beach Party (suggested by Liz's friend)
  • Sharktopus (suggested by Liz)
  • Caveman (suggested by Kate)
  • Robot Jox (suggested by Mouse)