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[20:01:24] <Elsen_> Meeting 2014-07-02.
[20:01:28] <Elsen_> Apologies:
[20:01:33] <Elsen_> Gareth Howell
[20:01:39] <Elsen_> Rob Hunt
[20:01:42] <Elsen_> David Clarke
[20:01:50] <Elsen_> Matt Little
[20:01:55] <Elsen_> Roll Call:
[20:02:00] <Elsen_> Dominic Morrow (chair)
[20:02:05] <Elsen_> Sophie Wilkinson (Minutes)
[20:02:08] <Elsen_> Matt Lloyd
[20:02:13] <Elsen_> Kate Bolin
[20:02:18] <Elsen_> Daniel Swann
[20:02:27] <Elsen_> Pat McDonald
[20:02:37] <Elsen_> Craig Place
[20:02:46] <Elsen_> Justin Stokes
[20:06:01] <Elsen_> Kirsty lockhart
[20:06:04] <Elsen_> Alex Wills
[20:06:32] <Elsen_> DM: as well as generation of a transcript, we are also now providing minutes
[20:07:00] <Elsen_> DM: 1st Item: Announcements & Events - any to announce?
[20:07:43] <Elsen_> KB: EMF Camp coming up, very big. 3 Ukulele nights, 1 Arduino night, 1 Arduino "day", 1 gaming sunday, 1 photography group
[20:07:51] <Elsen_> DM: They aren't all up on the website
[20:07:59] <Elsen_> KB: there is an issue on the website atm that JH hasn't fixed yet
[20:08:02] <Elsen_> ML: what?
[20:08:12] <Elsen_> KB: issues with featured page and tag
[20:08:22] <Elsen_> DM: can it be added to github?
[20:08:28] <Elsen_> KB: Don't know how
[20:08:46] <Elsen_> SRW: actioning ML to add KB's issue to github
[20:08:53] <Elsen_> DM: Actions List
[20:09:44] <Elsen_> Item 1, done. Item 2, done, Item 3 (Pecha kucha: DM action to add to newsletter about the Pecha Kucha event happening at the space. Happening 4-6pm 19th September)
[20:10:01] <Elsen_> nb: reminder to watch out for new talktalk bill to check. ML actioned.
[20:11:01] <Elsen_> Item 4:GH to check video settings. DM has been given update on this - update is that you can add a skin of an image that acts as a link to youtube that in the mailchimp newsletter, so has been done but not changed on Actions list.
[20:11:34] <Elsen_> Item 5: Not complete, not discussed at all, to be carried over.
[20:11:55] <Elsen_> item 6: done, Item 7, draw will happen on the 16th July
[20:12:02] <Elsen_> Item 8, discussed and authorised and in hand.
[20:12:23] <Elsen_> All actions done. one carried over.
[20:12:37] <Elsen_> Minutes agreed as correct and an accurate reflection of last month's meeting
[20:13:54] <Elsen_> Tools team: update from DC passed on to DM: restocked drill bits, bought donkey saw blades, replaced large holesaw blade that had gone missing. Encouraged users to request tools. Noted that we had a missing cordless drill - worth checking that is not in broken tool
[20:14:04] <Elsen_> PMD gone to check if cordless drill is broken
[20:14:09] <Elsen_> All from tools team.
[20:14:38] <Elsen_> Craft & textiles: currently investigating getting speakers to come and do some talks
[20:14:43] <Elsen_> KB offered knitter.
[20:14:50] <Elsen_> DM: Resources team: no update.
[20:15:12] <Elsen_> PMD: reports that missing drill is not in broken tools, and missing battery as well
[20:15:22] <Elsen_> Action: Board to chase and discover.
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[20:16:03] <Elsen_> Comms team: Newsletter out. Delayed a day due to internet issues. Slight website bug now in github. Rolling along. Newsletter goes to 570 roughly people
[20:16:37] <Elsen_> update above from KB
[20:17:02] <Elsen_> DM also received email from GH about comms team: news website progress, live test online and populating with test content and images, screenshots at next meeting
[20:17:14] <Elsen_> ACTION: GH to show screenshots at the next meeting
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[20:18:21] <Elsen_> Software Team: DS: Major update: Tools system on HMS booking is now deployed and live. Currently cancellation system is being developed, but won't be live for another week or two.
[20:18:38] <Elsen_> DS: FYI, upgraded our internet connection from "slow" to "fast"
[20:19:10] <Elsen_> KB: for info, is guest wifi slower than member wifi.
[20:19:15] <Elsen_> DS: It will be
[20:19:20] <Elsen_> Entrance: Lionel
[20:19:44] <Elsen_> Membership Team: DM: who is on membeship team?
[20:20:28] <Elsen_> KB: Toby, Jake, KB, Joe Duckhouse, David Hayward. Toby is all set up
[20:20:55] <Elsen_> KB: Good thing is that more people are doing tours etc so that those authorised to do membeship stuff can do that whilst tours are going on
[20:21:00] <Elsen_> Safety team: No update
[20:22:19] <Elsen_> Wiki team: Update from Rob Hunt: fixed Flickr widget, fixed open Street Map, created pledge drive widget, categorised and sorted pledge drive
[20:22:41] <Elsen_> SRW: also have set priorities for next few months
[20:23:03] <Elsen_> DM: do need large numbers of volunteers to produce content for the wiki, so please do volunteer
[20:23:27] <Elsen_> DM: Discussions Page: storage box and clearage of - KB
[20:23:39] <Elsen_> KB: we need to go through list of ex members and list of storage boxes and work out what needs to go
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[20:27:56] <elsen__> ML: if we replace the metal shelves we would get 14 extra spaces
[20:28:27] <elsen__> DM: Tool proposal: Matt little - would like to request to spend up to £400 on new tools as discussed on Google Group
[20:28:35] <elsen__> DM: Board looked at this as a strategic proposal
[20:28:56] <elsen__> ML: most Board said aye, go forth, except DC who said perhaps other different tools
[20:29:15] <elsen__> ACTION: ML to check and action Board's response to Matt Little's tool proposal
[20:30:06] <elsen__> DM: checking for AOB
[20:31:21] <elsen__> DM: AoB. This Sunday is Hack the Space. DC is presiding and has a list of things for people to do. Mostly movement of goods to new storeroom
[20:31:49] <elsen__> Tuesday 8th is CLEANING TUESDAY: Opportunity to come and clean the space from 7pm and as is tradition there will be pizzas provided thereafter