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Minutes of meeting from 5th November 2014, generated using the Transcript

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: James Fowkes
Minutes: James Hayward

Roll Call

James Hayward, Michael Erskine, Kate Bolin, Michele Henry, James Fowkes, Spencer Owen, David Clarke, Lionel Goodwin, Vicky Winter, Matt Lloyd, Daniel Swann, Charlotte Clark

Announcements & Events


  • Dance school date are posted in the space and on the list.
  • Related: David C sent dates to newsletter. Was not picked up by newsletter team. Kate B will investigate.
  • Hack-o-ween happened and was fun!
  • Dominic M is organising a Pecha Kucha style talk on Tuesday 25th November

Actions List

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed? Notes
2014-06-04 DM to organise election of new safety rep DM No

Note, this item appears in transcript, but is incorrect. DM has requested that the handover of safety rep position and responsibility for lone worker alarm be organised by trustees or safety team, not himself.

Finance Team, incl. Update

Tools Team Update:

  • Replaced approx £50 of broken tools.
  • As requested in last meeting, Russell has fixed oxy-propane torch.
  • Two weeks prior to meeting all clamps were taken from hackspace and returned. Two were broken.
  • New clamps will be purchased.
  • A reminder to all members that tools are to remain in the hackspace and not be borrowed.

Craft & Textiles Team Update

  • No update.

Resources Team Update

  • Isopropanol and acetone stocks made better with one large bottle and several small.

Communications Team Update

  • Newsletter went out on the 1st.
  • There are 675 people signed up to it now.
  • Newsletter is having a hard time getting content. Team requests that members e-mail them with items of interest.

Software Team

  • Much work done on HMS, making it easier for new developers to contribute

Membership Team

  • 341 members according to HMS
  • Membership team meeting on Monday 10th to discuss reform of membership, formalising tours etc.

Safety Team

  • See also action list above.
  • DM has stood down as safety rep and a new team needs creating to look after safety.
  • DM doesn't want to be primary contact for lone worker alarm.
  • DM happy to handover for lone worker alarm / safety.

Wiki Team

  • No Update


  • Ordered 3D printer, expected arrival end of November
  • Daniel S to fit RFID access to printer as per laser cutter
  • Studio tables have been ordered (2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow)
  • Process of moving bank accounts to TSB has started
  • Discussion of how to make teams "better" with no firm conclusions. Process will continue.
  • Problems with BizSpace (water ingress into stores, communication etc. re-raised.

Any Other Business

  • A noise complaint has been pushed under the door by BizSpace. Relates to loud music from workshop.

Comfy area plans:

  • 3 stage plan, commencing January
  • January: replacing flooring and carpet tiles.
  • February/March plans to be discussed (James H and Kate B leading).
  • Detailed budget split also be discussed.

Global space balloon challenge:

  • National Space Centre (Leicester) are funding balloon.
  • Gareth H and Michael E are involved currently - others are welcome.
  • Especially needed are people with radio ham experience or similar.

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.