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Minutes of meeting from 5th November 2014, generated using the Transcript

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: David Clark

Minutes: Andrew Armstrong

Roll Call

David Clark, Rob Hunt, James Hayward, Mouse Gates, Andrew Armstrong, Lionel Goodwin, Russell Houghton, Andrew Martin, Matt Little, Mouse Gates, Matt Lloyd, Daniel Sawn, Michael Eskrin

Apologies: Gareth

Announcements & Events


  • Festivus 20th December in Nottinghack
    • Ale pledge on list
    • Traditional Festivus faire! Annual Grievances! Ninja! Festivus Pole!
    • Note: may also be Artemis (forgot in meeting to mention)
  • Hack the Space Day December - moved to the Sunday, 14th of December
    • No organiser yet, but is to clean the space before Festivus
  • Hack the Space Day January - moved to 11th of January
    • James H to organise flooring for comfy area
      • Both to be posted by James H on mailing list

Actions List

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed? Notes
2014-06-04 Trustees to organise election of new safety rep Trustees No

Trustees said they discussed this. Michael E decided in meeting to become new safety officer. His proviso on having a team.

Note rewards for team participation mentioned as possible incentive.

Finance Team, incl. Update

Tools Team Update:

  • Small amount on tool purchases, little anvil, few cutters, few grinding surfacing tools

Craft & Textiles Team Update

  • No activity

Resources Team Update

  • List of things on meeting minutes.
  • Went over budget this month. Lots of Makro purchases. Still massively under budget for the year.

Communications Team Update

  • The email from the trustees about the noise is not from the communications team; they will be setting up their own list shortly

Software Team

  • No update

Membership Team

  • No update (team meeting was noted last minutes but no meeting?)

Safety Team

  • No update (doesn't exist yet)

Wiki Team

  • No update


  • No update (but see below)

Noise Complaint

  • Raised by a new tenant about pre-8AM noise
  • Bizspace discussed - not they charge for things like this often
  • Have mailed group (not from communications team!)

Workshop Behaviour, Broken Tools, Communications

  • Issues with broken tools not being reported, things not being known "do not hack" or "do hack"
  • Main point raised:
    • Induction materials are out of date (2011)
    • Action: Matt Little, Mouse, Michael E, Rob H to look at materials
  • Suggestion of induction weekend days monthly - hack the space day? But no one raised to organise this
  • Shadow boards for tools still need to be completed
  • Tidying up in general (Cleaning Tuesdays maybe run again) and a cleaner was discussed

Expanding the Hackspace scope - Hyson Green

  • Hyson Green Library is going to be opened as a new art/open/workshop space run by the New Art Exchange next door
  • Possibility of renting and running half of the space as a hackspace (open to all members, card access, etc). Other half (or 2/3rds?) is a separate group hiring it and open public space. This would be a separate committee under the general trustees.
  • Scope is likely a less tool-heavy area, more art focused, but with a large area for workshops
  • £1 million is going to be aimed for to renovate the building
  • Currently just need to say if we'd want to get involved at the start of funding bids - ie this month
  • Meeting vote: 13 yes, 0 no to participate for now.
  • Action: Dominic and other people involved (Russell, James) to provide updates and progress on it, provide avenue for questions etc.

Points people raised:

  • Splitting the space is double the work - already are not running all teams effectively, very big issue of member involvement
  • Is the venue adequate? (Size is, but area? parking? etc. - need more info)
  • Money - cost is relatively the same as Bizspace, up to £16K a year rent after the few few years but is to be discussed (better then a larger hackspace for roughly £40-50K in value terms)
  • Involves external funding - which is good (possibilities to go for Hackspace 3 with this method) and bad (reliant on a 3rd party, running under a 3rd party)
  • One space may affect the other negatively (accidents, etc)

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.