2015-01-07 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting from 7th January 2015

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: James Hayward

Minutes: Sophie Wilkinson

Roll Call

David Clarke, Rob Hunt, James Hayward, Lionel Goodwin, Russell Houghton, Matt Little, Matt Lloyd, Daniel Swann, Michael Erskine, Sophie Wilkinson, Gareth Howell, Kate Bolin

Announcements & Events


  • Hack the Comfy Area this Sunday

Actions List

Meeting Date Action Point Actioned By Completed? Notes
2014-06-04 Trustees to organise election of new safety rep Trustees Complete

Finance Team, incl. Update

Tools Team Update:

  • Acquired a linisher
  • Reminder to use the tools@ email address please

Craft & Textiles Team Update

  • Request that people stop using the craft room/cutting table as a dumping ground

Resources Team Update

  • List of things on meeting minutes.
  • Went over budget this month. Lots of Makro purchases. Still massively under budget for the year.

Communications Team Update

  • Newsletter went out to over 700 people
  • There was a typo.

Software Team

  • Work is ongoing on creating tools software for the 3D Printer

Membership Team

  • Scope et al has been completed by Membership Team
  • Matt L and others are working on the New Members Guide
  • The Tour Guide has been updated
  • New information on giving tours will soon be issued
  • This sparked a conversation about the Hackspace rules. Trustees stated they would be issuing a new set of rules for discussion by the members soon (tm).

Safety Team

  • Michael E is the new rep

Wiki Team

  • There are currently no uncategorised pages on the Wiki.
  • Pages have been flagged for historical archiving, or deletion. Please ensure you check over these over the next couple of months or they will be removed.


  • Rules are currently being discussed.


  • Discussion on Rules
  • Discussion on update to Members Book
  • Request to buy a pallet of club mate - request approved once space is made under the cutting table.

Actions can be chased up using the new Actions List.