2015-04-01 Transcript

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[20:03] <jangojarango> memebers meeting:
[20:04] <jangojarango> roll call: JFowkes, James Hayward, Matt Lloyd, Andrew Frogatt, kate, rob H, Mouse, DM, Andrew Armstrong, Michael Erskine, russell, Amy, DanielF, Vicky
[20:05] <jangojarango> james H announces that in twe weekends at the 12th of april comfy area will be finished, on the sunday
[20:05] <jangojarango> JH goes to ikea next wednesday to ikea, looking for volunteers
[20:05] <jangojarango> JH + kate, large additional car would be needed
[20:06] <jangojarango> wednesday 8th, russel might have a van
[20:07] <jangojarango> JH is organising general election party 5 weeks from now, he will be makign food
[20:07] <jangojarango> Kate: matt little does rubber stamp workshop on the 14th
[20:07] <jangojarango> JF arduino workshop on the 11th
[20:07] <jangojarango> not sold out yet
[20:07] <jangojarango> but will probably be
[20:08] <jangojarango> end of july young rewired state will use the space for a youth coding competition, they gifted a 3D printer at an earlier competition
[20:08] <jangojarango> kate: maker faire at the end of the month
[20:09] <jangojarango> JH: hackspace has license that allows any driving license holder to drive a van for 16 persons re. makerfaire
[20:09] <jangojarango> JF hackspace AGM is on the 21st of May, at Antenna, in the evening
[20:11] <jangojarango> actions: DM to organise election of a new safety rep
[20:12] <jangojarango> late entry: michel: one of the kitchen cupboards might be overloaded
[20:13] <jangojarango> minutes for the past two meetings have not yet been posted to wiki, tracking of it will be done next meeting
[20:13] <jangojarango> finances:
[20:13] <LWK> A breakdown of our finances for the month of March, 2015.
[20:13] <LWK> Quick summary[edit]
[20:13] <LWK> Overall balance: £7,670.85
[20:13] <LWK> Natwest Bank Balance: £3,844.00
[20:14] <LWK> TSB Bank Balance: £2,085.56
[20:14] <LWK> Charge cards balance: £1,471.00
[20:14] <LWK> Paypal balance: £5.58
[20:14] <LWK> Cash End: £264.71
[20:14] <LWK> In/out Breakdown[edit]
[20:14] <LWK> Money into selected accounts comes from
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Donations £105.00
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Inductions:Laser Induction £10.00
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Membership Payments £2,880.94
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Other Income:Members Box £5.00
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Other Income:RFID Card £13.00
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Snackspace £459.40
[20:14] <jangojarango> 2k of that is budgeted for furniture
[20:14] <LWK> Income:Workshops:Eventbright £201.46
[20:14] <LWK> Money In £3,674.80
[20:14] <LWK> Money out of selected accounts goes to
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:BOC Gas £22.44
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Bizspace Rent:F6 £1,026.00
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Bizspace Rent:G13 £102.00
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Infrastructure £298.99
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Insurance £97.55
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Teams:Membership £56.88
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Teams:Network and Servers £121.20
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Teams:Resources £129.58
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Teams:Snackspace £290.22
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Teams:Trustees Misc £48.74
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Tools and Equipment £679.99
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Utilities:Electric £587.78
[20:14] <LWK> Expenses:Utilities:Internet £40.97
[20:14] <LWK> Money Out £3,502.34
[20:14] <LWK> Difference £172.46
[20:15] <jangojarango> michel: proposed purchase of toaster
[20:16] <jangojarango> bank accoutn migration: about 10% through the process of migration
[20:16] <jangojarango> 50% of membership has been emailed
[20:17] <jangojarango> after tonight emails will be sent ot the rest of members - action by JH
[20:18] <jangojarango> late entry: toby (~10 minutes earlier)
[20:19] <jangojarango> team updates
[20:19] <jangojarango> Tools:
[20:20] <jangojarango> crafts:
[20:20] <jangojarango> gareth wants to join and adding in more arts supplies
[20:20] <jangojarango> kate thanks resources for new containers
[20:20] <jangojarango> resources:
[20:21] <jangojarango> went to macro last month, will be buying bolts & screws and other items
[20:21] <jangojarango> AA there might be a need to increase budget for resources, depending on their budget review
[20:21] <jangojarango> comms:
[20:22] <jangojarango> newsletter sent to over 780 ppl
[20:22] <jangojarango> for next month they can provide stats of readership
[20:23] <jangojarango> 24% open rate for newsletter
[20:23] <jangojarango> snackspace:
[20:24] <jangojarango> rob h: items get stuck at the vending machine
[20:24] <jangojarango> vending machine reader was broken today because people keep shaking the machine
[20:26] <jangojarango> software:
[20:27] <jangojarango> bug ingdate/time in laser bookign system was fixed
[20:27] <jangojarango> kate: google calendar link on website not working
[20:28] <jangojarango> lots of work on JF, james has joined the SW team
[20:28] <jangojarango> work on HMS that is ,sorry again
[20:29] <jangojarango> membership:
[20:29] <jangojarango> sophie is taking control and makes sure that everythign is done right
[20:30] <jangojarango> that means she organises which people are on the membership team
[20:31] <jangojarango> wiki:
[20:31] <jangojarango> safety:
[20:31] <jangojarango> carl s joined
[20:32] <jangojarango> advancing safety boxes content in collaboration with resoruces team
[20:32] <jangojarango> large tool maintenance: laser
[20:33] <jangojarango> last meeting result was that some people would be paid to maintain the laser
[20:34] <jangojarango> trustee discussion has concluded that this is not possible
[20:36] <jangojarango> because these maintainers would have to be employed, which would impose great bureaucracy
[20:37] <jangojarango> idea of scheduled maintenance is still being worked on though - more discussion will be had
[20:39] <jangojarango> trustee meeting: if the laser maintenance model developed through this works then it might be a model to maintenance of other large tools
[20:39] <jangojarango> AOB:
[20:39] <jangojarango> AGM at Antenna, we need at least 70 people to meet quorum
[20:40] <jangojarango> (said by JF / JH)
[20:41] <jangojarango> deposit has been paid
[20:41] <jangojarango> for the room
[20:42] <jangojarango> discussion among trustees whether catering should be brought in by hackspace, but for the number of members possibly not feasible
[20:43] <jangojarango> therefore might be had from Antenna
[20:44] <jangojarango> last orders for food is 6:30 at antenna, so you'd have to be there at 6:00
[20:47] <jangojarango> time for AGM will be announced
[20:47] <jangojarango> trustees will bring in an item on the possibility to move the AGM to align with Hackspace yearly financial
[20:47] <jangojarango> elections for trustees would still be in may
[20:48] <jangojarango> full text will eb sent out about a month before the AGM
[20:48] <jangojarango> actioned by JH
[20:50] <jangojarango> for the AGM election a volunteer for returning officer is needed
[20:51] <jangojarango> dclarke has contacted professional cleaner for floor work surfaces, toilets
[20:51] <jangojarango> as follow on form last meeting
[20:52] <jangojarango> cleaner will start with double session
[20:52] <jangojarango> it is likely that space will be closed in a workday for two hours for this inital cleaning
[20:53] <jangojarango> *at some workday
[20:53] <jangojarango> cleaners will be made aware that some piles might be member's projects, but members also have to take into account that cleaners will be around
[20:54] <jangojarango> projectors:
[20:55] <jangojarango> there will be budget for projectors (~£500)for: studio, comfy area
[20:56] <jangojarango> chromecast or equivalent will be bought
[20:58] <jangojarango> Andreas will do research but will send emails in advance about it and put signs up in advance
[20:58] <jangojarango> end of meeting