2015-07-26 Election

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The election will take place electronically using OpaVote, and you will receive an individual voting email to your registered email address.

The nomination window closed as of 23:59 on Sunday 19th July 2015.

There is one open trustee slot, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee
BCrowe 2015 Trustee.jpg
Benjamin Thomas Crowe
Why do I want to become a trustee?

I have been a member of the Nottinghack for the last 3 years and in that time I have seen it grow into the social work space that it is. I have been given lots of information and encouragement from many members over this time which has helped me with the projects produced in the space.

Though saying this I think it is time I put some of my own time and energy back in to Nottinghack to help other members. What better way to do this than becoming a trustee.

P.S. it is my first step in towards world domination. How you ask. . . . I will enlist the aid of an army of tiny little red rabbits! Muwhahahahahaha

AFroggatt 2015 Trustee.jpg.jpg
Adam Froggatt
Since joining Nottinghack somewhere in the region of two and a bit years ago, I've seen some awesome stuff made, helped out with cool projects and generally become a Maker of Things (and occasionally Stuff).

I try to put time back into the Space to help it grow, currently I'm part of the following teams

  • Laser maintainers: mostly ensuring the laser continues to go pewpewpew, but also helping those with questions and providing guidance when asked.
  • Snackspace: Caffeine and caffeine accessories.
  • Membership: Everywhere I go I spread the news that Nottinghack exists, now each week I provide tours and activate cards of new members.
  • Craft: As a cosplayer the craft room is something I make massive use of, and has helped me out time and again. I'm hoping to help the team continue to make that area amazing.

In a nutshell - I'd make a great trustee because I think Nottinghack is one of the best places I know of. I'd like to help make it even better.

Thanks for reading,


MErskine 2015 Truestee.jpg
Michael Erskine
I'm from the future and the future is full of awesome - join me in my vision-quest - your destiny awaits.