2015-08-05 Minutes

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Minutes of meeting from 5th August 2015, generated using the Transcript

You can find the agenda items here.

Chair: Rob Hunt

Minutes: James Fowkes

Roll Call

Adam Froggart, Adam Cooper, Daniel Swann, Vicki Winter, Sophie Wilkinson, Russell Houghton, James Berry, James Hayward, Andrew Armstrong, Matt Little, Kate Bolin, Matt Lloyd, David Clarke, Michael Erskine

Announcements & Events


  • Adam Froggart has joined the trustees
  • The hack-the-space day on Sunday 2nd was very successful.
    • New shelves were put in the member's storage area. Old boxes were cleared out. Now space for 100+ boxes.
    • Large project storage was cleared out and unlabelled work was tagged as such.
  • The Nottingham Green Festival is on 6th September at the Arboretum.
    • Contributions are welcome, especially of "green" nature.
  • The Creator Faire at the National Space Centre (Leicester) is on 19th/20th September.
    • Last year was very good.
    • Volunteers and projects welcome.
  • Derby mini maker faire is week before halloween.

Actions List

  • No actions on list.

Finance Team, incl. Update

Team Revamp

  • The plan is to run the teams on a year-to-year basis.
    • Teams will submit annuals budgets in October.
    • This will let the trustees+teams together plan spending for the year with much more information than we currently have.
  • We have identified new teams to be created: 3D printing, electronics, laser, metalworking, woodworking.
  • Existing teams will be expanded.
  • All teams will have a scope to define areas of responsibility.
  • It is expected that teams will overlap in some areas (e.g. tools and woodworking).
  • There are more details to work out.
  • Members should tell trustees if they want to be on a team.

Kitchen Revamp

  • After success of comfy area revamp, we are moving on to the kitchen.
  • Wiki page of ideas: https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Kitchen_Revamp
  • Stainless steel (i.e. catering style) worktops were discussed.
    • There was questioning of cost of this
  • An on-demand boiling water unit was suggested (for tea/coffee). Cost £300-£400.
  • The table takes up a lot of space. Replacing with an extendable type was suggested. Removal of the table entirely was not a popular option.
  • "Breakfast bar" style seating was suggested.
  • A better set of cutlery and utensils is needed rather than the "random" selection we have now.
  • If possible, sealing the room better to prevent smells getting round the space.

Team Updates


  • New e-textiles resources have been ordered and will arrive soon (LEDs, conductive thread etc).
  • The craft team has expanded considerably, but is always looking for keen people especially in craft areas not currently covered.


  • Newsletter went out to 850 people
  • The comms team desperately needs new members.


  • 6x boxes of club mate were bought 5 weeks ago. All of it has been drunk.
  • Vending machine now has pushers that should stop things getting stuck.


  • HMS has had a recent update.


  • We now have 372 members.
  • A membership audit needs doing.
  • There are 145 people paying into new bank account. More work to be done getting people to switch payments over.


  • We have had a donation of junior safety glasses

Tools, Resources, Wiki

  • Nothing to report from these teams


  • A big thank you to Michael Erskine for cleaning the toilet after it was soiled.
  • In general, there seems to be more instances of behaviour with less regard for the Hackspace.
    • e.g. kitchen is often left in a state, washing up not being done
    • Suggestion that there should be a regular "induction day" for new members, covering how to look after the hackspace etc.
  • The trustees will be using the blue room for a meeting on the evening of Thursday 18th August.
  • We now have a "responsible trustee" on Wednesday nights, for handling any complaints/issues/questions that the membership team (or anyone else) cannot deal with.