2015-09-04 Election

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The election will take place electronically using OpaVote, and you will receive an individual voting email to your registered email address.

The nomination window is now closed.

There is one open trustee slot, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee

MErskine 2015 Truestee.jpg
Michael Erskine
As one of the earliest members and one of the first trustees I've continually been involved in the running of the Hackspace. As trustee again I would be able to make that presence more visible and give our members something to laugh at. "Uw verbeterde toekomst begin hier! "
AGWells 2015 Trustee.jpg
Alexander Graham Wells
So, I generally don't ever know what to write in these things, but I enjoy the Hackspace and think it's about time to give something back. By becoming a trustee, I feel that I can help guide a place that has provided so much, not only in terms of the tools and physical space, but the community and friendships that I have become a part of over the short time I've been a member.
TGrover 2015 Trustee.jpg
Thomas Grover
I've been a member of Nottingham Hackspace for 3 years now when not studenting, and got a great deal out of it. I've a wide variety of interests, with a focus on metal working, electronics and textiles. I'd like to improve metalworking accessibility, mainly by providing one to one instruction on the big tools. I will soon be working part time, hopefully having plenty of time to focus on being a decent trustee. I'm also interested to see where Hackspace will go - I've watched it develop a great deal during my time here, I'd like to contribute more in the future!
DRSwann 2015 Trustee.jpg
Daniel Richard Swann
Having been a member of Nottinghack for around 4 years now, I've been involved with various projects including:
  • RFID payments for the vending machine and associated note acceptor
  • Working on the tools access control modules for the laser cutter and 3d printer
  • Server side parts of Gatekeeper, including the initial membership database
  • Barbot...

I'm currently on the Network & Software teams, and help to maintain Gatekeeper, HMS and other miscellaneous systems.

Whilst I won't let not being a trustee stop me from being involved, I'd like the opportunity to better support Nottinghack in the future.